Accused: ‘Being with Moat like video game’

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AN ALLEGED accomplice of Raoul Moat described his time with the gunman as a cross between the Grand Theft Auto games and the Bourne Identity movies.

Qhuram Awan compared his experience to the violent game and action movie in a document called “Diary of a Hostage”, which he kept during and after his time with the fugitive.

Awan claims he was a captive and did not help him plan or carry out his violent spree before killing himself after six days on the run last July.

Awan denies conspiring with Moat, who shot his ex-girlfriend and killed her new partner, to kill police officers, including Pc David Rathband, who was blinded by the gunman.

The 23-year-old is being tried at Newcastle Crown Court and the jury yesterday heard extracts from the diary.

One read: “It’s all getting too much now, its like a cross between GTA and Jason Bourne.”

Awan told the court said: “I know it sounds horrible but GTA, Grand Theft Auto, is basically a game of a man on a mission basically and you go around shooting things, stealing cars etc.

“Jason Bourne was obviously with Raoul telling me what to do, driving around. The Jason Bourne part was the fact there was two mobile phones, no outside contact, which is like the film.”

But despite this diary entry, Awan told the court Moat had no real strategy or plan.

Awan said: “My mind was in an exaggerated state, all over the place, you know, what is written down is like a reflection of that, its all exaggerated.”

Awan insists he was a hostage of Moat, not an accomplice. The trial continues.