'Absolute legend' or 'dreadful fruitcake'? What you said about Nigel Farage coming to Sunderland

Voters in Sunderland from all sides of the political spectrum have been having their say on Nigel Farage visiting the city.

Friday, 1st March 2019, 10:12 am
Updated Friday, 1st March 2019, 10:28 am
Nigel Farage will visit Wearside on March 16, as part of a planned march. Picture: PA.

Beginning on Wearside on Saturday, March 16, the Leave Means Leave protest will arrive in London on March 29 - the day the United Kingdom is set to leave the EU.

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In Sunderland, 61.3% of voters backed Brexit at the EU Referendum in 2016.

While readers showed their support for the UK leaving the European Union later this month, some urged Mr Farage to "stay away" - and added that he has "no vested interest" in Wearside or its people.

Others showed their support for Mr Farage, saying it was "about time" he came back to "the game".

Nigel Farage speaking at the Leave Means Leave rally in September 2018. Picture: PA.

Day one of the march will end in Hartlepool, but the full route has not yet been confirmed. It is expected to pass through parts of East Durham.

Here's how you reacted to the announcement on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Pat Walton: "No way will I support this man and I hope people in Sunderland see him for what he is."

Dave Sharpe: "What a sideshow. We're supposed to be one of the richest countries in the world. But thousands of families rely on food banks, vulnerable old people are neglected, and Farage still picks up a big MEP salary while saying that we shouldn't be part of Europe."

Pam Levitt: "He has nothing in common with the NE."

Ann Work: "He must think the people of Sunderland are stupid, he has no vested interest in Sunderland, he is using us to what end?"

Dave Buckley: "Absolute legend of a man! I'll deffo be there and I'll be thanking him for all of his hard work."

Jennifer O'Hanlon: "Seems like a good reason to stay away from Sunderland and Hartlepool."

Marc Hodgkinson: "I thought he left politics! Obviously doesn't quite get the phrase leave means leave."

Clare Reynolds: "Yes I will. It’s not about Farage. It’s about the betrayal of a vote. And this comment is coming, from someone who actually lives here."

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Michael Briggs: "About time he came back to the game."

Bill Luke: "Perhaps someone could ask him about the Newcastle University’s and North East Chambers' forecast that the North East economy will shrink by 10% after we exit from the EU."

Margaret Crosby: "I fail to understand why even the most determined Brexiteers would want to be associated with this dreadful fruitcake!"

Simon Pete Moss: "I don't like the man, but I support the campaign so I will be peacefully marching through Sunderland."

Dave Storrie: "Mr Farage and others, please stay away. You and your cronies have created so many problems. This Brexit is a mess."

Hazel Wilde: "Marching FOR unemployment and decline in industry? Not exactly the Jarrow Crusade is it."

Ryan Steel: "I respect that guy as he believes Britain is great unlike the EU and Remainers we are a small island in Europe and we're the richest country in the continent, Remainers need to believe in Britain."