A19 safety risked through drivers with 12 points escaping bans, says MP

Northbound traffic at a standstill on the A19 following an incident around the Hylton Bridge.
Northbound traffic at a standstill on the A19 following an incident around the Hylton Bridge.
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More should be done to enforce the laws of the road says an MP leading a call for the Government to launch an inquiry to make the A19 safer.

Figures released by the DVLA show more than 10,000 drivers remain allowed to drive on the UK’s roads despite having 12 or more penalty points on their licence.

Easington MP Grahame Morris.

Easington MP Grahame Morris.

The stats also show that motorists in the North have the most licences with around a dozen or more points.

Research has also found men were more likely to have clocked up more penalty points than women, with 33 out of every 100,000 men drivers hitting the limit or above, compared to eight out of 100,000 women motorists.

People with 12 points within a three year period are usually banned, with six months for a dozen or more, with a further ban of a year for a second offence and then two years for a third offence.

The numbers have been published in the wake of claims from the Government that the reason for so many collisions and delays on the A19 is due to motorists’ behaviour.

Readers have also said they believe bad driving is to blame for the high number of crashes and near misses on the road.

New figures detailing collisions are yet to be issued by the Government for the 2016 period,

Estimated statistics show between Boldon and Wolviston, there were 36 crashes during that time, with 88 vehicles involved. They left 71 people hurt, with six of the smashes classed as serious.

Easington MP Grahame Morris, who is leading the call for a Government inquiry into safety on the road, as championed through our Safe A19 campaign, said: “Allowing potentially dangerous drivers to remain on our roads makes a mockery of the points system and does nothing to improve road safety.

“If we are to address the causes of road accidents on the A19 the Government should start by ensuring existing laws are properly enforced.”

Our petition can be found via https://goo.gl/ubdhzF.