A second digital salon comes to Sunderland

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INFLUENTIAL decision makers from the public, private and academic sectors are set to come together in Wearside to address challenges and opportunities for the North East’s brand identity.

After a successful first salon last month in Newcastle, Digital Leaders North East is holding its next salon in Sunderland, although the exact location has not been chosen yet.

Those at the meeting will discuss how a collaborative approach and a positive dialogue can be used to develop the region’s image.

Senior executives will come together to talk about how further investment can be attracted.

They will also discuss whether there are conflicting messages being broadcast about the North East. Gary Doyle, acting chairman of digital leaders North East and head of the Escher Group (UK), said: “I’m really looking forward to discussing a new topic in Sunderland this time.

“It’s great to see that people from all sectors are passionate about the region they live and work it and are coming together to discuss a way forward.”

The agenda and future topics are decided by a steering group representative across all sectors in the region.

The salon takes place on Thursday at 4pm.

For more information on the event, check http://digitalleaders.co.uk/dl-local/dl-north-east/