A rabbit’s for life, not just fo Easter

Pictured with Ollie the rabbit is Jessica Appleby, grandaughter of charity volunteer Lynne Ebdale.
Pictured with Ollie the rabbit is Jessica Appleby, grandaughter of charity volunteer Lynne Ebdale.
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RESCUED rabbits are hoping to start a new life with Wearsiders’ help.

Pawz For Thought has been inundated with furry friends who volunteers say can be just as good pets as cats and dogs.

Lynne Ebdale, one of the charity’s directors, said: “It’s a situation that’s escalating out of control and we really need to find homes for them.

“We have about 30 rabbits on our books at the moment. One was left outside our charity shop on Fulwell Road in a microwave box, just abandoned.”

Lynne says part of the problem is that pet owners don’t know how to care for rabbits properly.

“People think it’s an easy pet to have,” explained Lynne. “But there is nothing sadder than seeing a rabbit stuck in a hutch at the bottom of the garden.

“They are very personable creatures and like interacting in the home with families and other pets. They also love to be with another rabbit as a companion but they would need to be neutered.”

Abandoned rabbits are taken in by foster homes until they can find a new family but many require veterinary treatment after being abused.

Lynne says people should be more aware of a rabbit’s needs before they home them.

“A rabbit can last for around five to eight years,” she explained. “People don’t realise that there are required measurements for cages now. A rabbit should be able to stand up and take at least three bounds across the hutch.

“They also need plenty of interaction.

“Rabbits are as good as the time you put into them. They can be as good a pet as a cat or a dog or even better than.”

* For information on animals that need re-homing, visit www.pawzforthought.org


VINNY is a six-month-old Giant French lop-eared house rabbit. He is fully litter-trained and vaccinated until February next year. He is lovely natured and is great with children. Vinny needs a new home as his owners were allergic to him.

PETER is only three months old, but is showing signs of being friendly. He enjoys being stroked, unless he’s got jobs to do like investigating every nook and cranny of the foster carer’s garage. Peter is to be neutered soon.

NEW arrival Ollie seemed timid at first but is now coming round, eating out of his carer’s hand, being inquisitive and accepting a stroke.

Hopefully, when settled, his personality will shine through. Ollie is five months old.