'A bright star in a grey world' - messages of love and support flood in for Bradley Lowery and his family after devastating news

Bradley Lowery and mum Gemma
Bradley Lowery and mum Gemma
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Hundreds of messages of support, love and kindness have flooded in for Bradley Lowery and his family after their agonising news about his health.

Last night it was announced the six-year-old has just "weeks to live" after tests revealed his tumours have grown at a rapid rate, his family said.

The terminally-ill Sunderland fan, who suffers from a rare cancer called neuroblastoma, received the "devastating" results on Thursday, according to the Bradley Lowery's Fight Facebook page.

Becky Sinnatt said: "This is why childhood cancer needs more dedicated research. This tragedy happens too often to too many families and funding into research is the key. Let's make sure his story creates action. Keep fighting little man - our hearts are with you."

Anne Bingham said: "My inspiration hope you don't suffer too much I will always keep a photo of you as when I feel down as I have been through cancer I look at your lovely smiling face and it helps me so much much love and hugs lovely little man xxx❤️❤️❤️"

Kathleen Bird said: "So sad that a little boy has to go through so much pain after all he's gone through, surely they must be something they can give him to ease it , thinking of you little man your such a brave boy to keep on fighting like you are, sending lots of hugs "

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Gail Senior said: "This is just such sad news..can't even imagine the pain you are all goi g through but keeping strong for Bradley...my heart is aching at the thought..what a courageous, happy strong little boy, you so don't deserve this

"Bradley, life is cruel..i prayer the pain eases and he suffers no longer, this is any parents worse nightmare..sending so much love and strength to you all xxx"

Wenyan Sharp said: "He's such a lovely kind sweet little boy. We went to flamingo land a few weeks ago, he was there playing with meerkat, when he saw my daughter he came gave her a disposable glove invited Rebecca to play with them. Stay strong "

Jacqueline Wickens said: "Heartbreaking news - so proud to say we had the privilege to meet you and your family Bradley at the England v Lithuania game when our daughter and friend were mascots, we will never forget you. Mega hugs xx "

Hannah Adams said: "Heartbreaking life's so unfair he shouldn't have to go through all this he's no age it's so sad , god bless you all can't imagine what use are going through , bravest boy I know ❤️x"

Donna Lazenby said: "Could not even reach the end of your words without the tears just flooding out. My heart is with all of your family n friends and of course you Bradley the smile that lite up the world. Heartbreaking xxxxxxxx"

Kathy Buckley said: "Bradley, you and your family have shown more courage than most of us are capable of. A bright star in an often grey world."

Emmsy Pygall said: "Heartbreaking I can't begin to imagine what you are all going through its so sad no one as young as Bradley should have to go through all this pain my heart goes out to him and family I'm devastated to read this bradley has been such a brave fighter he has touched so many hearts reading this has broke my heart thinking of youse all xxx

Cath Stacey said: "My heart goes out to yous he is a beautiful boy l hope he's not in to much pain bless this site gorgeous boy."