23 things you said made you a Mackem

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Here are 18 things you said made you feel like a Mackem.

Hundreds of you got in touch with ideas after we published our 17 things that make you a Mackem
These are just a few of your suggestions:

1) Clair Vineberg: Panackelty on a cold day

2) Steven Maddison: The word “pyet” The ball smacked him right in the pyet.

3) Bob Darbyshire: Maws pie and peas

4) Rob Cullen: Saying “man” at the end of every sentence, even when your talking to a woman.

5) Debbie Boyce: When you come In and ask where me Mar or Dar is ... Meaning mam or dad ...

6) Simon Young: “Our boy” meaning “my brother”

7) Beverley Ganley: Cowld instead of cold

8) Shaun Vassallo: Suddick instead of Southwick.

9) Mark Spedding: Calling them “willicks” and not “whelks”.

10) John Martin: Sighting Penshaw Monument on the way back from holiday, you know you’re home.

11) Marie Webster Colquhoun: The saying smart as a carrot appears to be only a Sunderland thing.

12) Bill Walton: Putting your clothes in those wire clothes hangers instead of lockers at Newcastle Road baths and then breaking your teeth on those big bars of ket you could get out of the vending machines.

13) Paul Donaldson: Saying “Ower Lass” meaning your wife!

14) Bill Walton: Sykes pop or Alpine if you weren’t posh enough for Sykes.

15) Sarah Inglis: Taking turns standing at the side of the diving pool at the leisure centre and looking through the round windows so ya can wave at your mates who have dived in

16) Carole Donkin: What about a ham & pease pudding stottie sandwich?

17) Paul Maxfield: The fact we don’t pronounce our H’s, for example: arry ( Harry ) ospital ( hospital ) enry ( Henry )

18) Julie Mulvaney: Notriannis ice cream mmm! X

19) Mackembella: Saying ‘I’m a Mackem not a Geordie’ and eating pastie sarnies

20) Catherine Scott: Mey nanna’s home made stottie, freshly baked and cut in half with thick Lurpak butter spread on.

21) Shaun Ferguson: Curried bun and following football team through thin and thin

22) John McDonald: Brian Moore, The Spectre.

23) Al Penna: Walking home from Seaburn after spending your “bussy “