17 things that make you a Mackem

Vaux Horses
Vaux Horses
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What makes a Mackem? Today we take a look at some of the things only people from Sunderland will understand.

1. The never-ending search come Mother’s Day and birthdays for a card that says “Mam”.

A rare Mam card

A rare Mam card

2. Ket meaning innocent sweets, rather than the not-so-innocent drugs.

3. Finding it perfectly acceptable to eat chips and gravy in a bun in the street at 2.30 in the morning. Most of which were bought from Baker’s Oven.

4. Using the word “proper” to like intensify any story.

5. Using “like” in a sentence for no reason whatsoever.

The Roker Park tap

The Roker Park tap

6. Your mam coming home and saying “why are all the lights on, it’s like Blackpool Illuminations in here.”

7. Doing the ‘route’ over the town, which always ended in Chambers.

8. The fine line you tread between unwavering loyalty and despair at following Sunderland AFC.

9. Even though we’ve been a city since 1992, still saying “I’m going over the town.”

Chambers Nightclub, High Street West, in 1992

Chambers Nightclub, High Street West, in 1992

10. Going on holiday and everyone thinking you’re from Byker Grove. Then asking you to say “he can’t see man, he’s gone blind.”

11. Reminiscing about Crowtree Leisure Centre and its unnecessarily large window overlooking the pool.

12. Eating breakfast, dinner and tea instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

13. Having to explain to anyone from the rest of the country what a saveloy dip is - and never managing to make it sound good. And not being able to understand why their takeaways can’t get cheesy chips right.

14. Getting a little excited when you see Dave the Rave ‘raving’ outside of River Island.

15. Finding that the further South you go, the more pronounced your accent gets.

16. Missing the smell of hops and the dray horses at Vaux.

17. Wishing they’d bring back the big tap to Roker Park, while still scratching your head over how it worked.