15 things that make you a nosey neighbour - how many have you done?

They say curiosity killed the cat, but Brits are a nation of nosey neighbours if new research is to be believed.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 11:30 am
Updated Friday, 16th March 2018, 11:35 am
Are you a nosey neighbour?

The lengths to which people will go to keep an eye on the folk next door have been revealed.

A third of householders admit to regular curtain twitching, 27% say they turn the TV down to listen to arguments, and 15% look over the garden fence to get a better look at their neighbours.

More than a quarter of people admit curtain twitching to see what their neighbours are doing.

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Offering to take their kids to school to get all the gossip, inviting themselves over to take a look at home improvements, and even peering through the letterbox are other ways we like to keep tabs on them.

And according to the research, one in 20 have even gone through a neighbour's belongings while they were supposed to be feeding their pets or watering their plants.


1. Curtain twitching (30%)

More than a quarter of people admit curtain twitching to see what their neighbours are doing.

2. Turning the TV or radio down so you can listen to goings-on (27%)

3. Peeking through blinds (22%)

4. Opening a window so you can hear more of a conversation (21%)

5. Spying when they get a new delivery (20%)

6. Peeping over the garden fence while they are having a BBQ (15%)

7. Going outside in your dressing gown to see what's going on (12%)

8. Cupping your ear to the wall (11%)

9. Taking a parcel for a neighbour and having a sneaky peek inside (9%)

10. Popping over so you can see a new kitchen/conservatory (8%)

11. Putting an empty glass to the wall (5%)

12. Snooping when you were meant to be watering plants or feeding pets (5%)

13. Taking food or treats over as an excuse to see inside their home (3%)

14. Having a look at their letters or mail (3%)

15. Looking through their letterbox or window when they are on holiday (2%)

A spokesperson for *Anglian Home Improvements, who commissioned the poll of 1,000 people, said: "From time to time we are all guilty of seeing what our neighbours get up to.

"It's only natural to have a look out of the window if you see something going on in your neighbourhood and to take an interest when someone is having work done to their house.

"Although it may seem annoying to have neighbours who curtain twitch, having nearby residents who know your movements can actually be a blessing when it comes to home security, so it's actually not all bad!"

Despite keeping tabs on their comings and goings, 70% of people are happy to take in parcels for their neighbours, half are willing to keep an eye out if they go on holiday, and 10% are even happy to babysit their children.