15 things every Sunderland curry lover will understand about dining out at Indian restaurants in Wearside

From the spicy stodge of an onion bhaji to the comforting feel of your favourite curry, going out for an Indian meal is one of the most popular nights out in Sunderland.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 12:09 pm
Updated Thursday, 11th October 2018, 9:25 am
Curry time!

With National Curry Week taking place this month, we reflect on Indian restaurant dining in Wearside with a look at 15 things you've probably experienced or witnesses while out for a spicy supper in Sunderland.

1) Everyone has their own idea as to which Indian restaurant is the best – and are adamant in this


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2) Looking through the list of starters and deciding to choose something different, then sticking with the onion bhaji anyway because they’re amazing

3) Ordering a chicken curry and being asked if you want breast meat

Have you ever been out with anyone who’s answered “no” to this? What happened?

4) Not liking the lime pickle, but trying a bit of it anyway just to remind yourself you don’t like it

You've got to have a naan

(Though there is something wonderfully sadistic about its soapy, bitter taste)

5) The worry of eating more than your fair share of poppadoms – and the fear of them being taken away when your main courses come

6) The legend of the staff curry

The near-mythical real-deal dish, whispered about only in hushed tones, which is said to be served to staff at the end of the evening.

7) Being out with suspicious older relatives who only order from the “English menu” – which always features scampi, omelette, steak, prawn cocktail, chips and roast chicken

Though you are always tempted to get chips instead of rice yourself, because Indian restaurant chips are the business

8) The slightly more adventurous older relatives who will only ever have korma

Again, tempting because kormas are good too

9) The shame experienced when the waiter takes your plate away to reveal all the bits of rice and curry you’ve spilled and had hidden underneath

10) Despite their low prices, you will be treated with the highest respect, get a cloth napkin and all the trimmings, and have the door held open for you when you leave – even if you’re only picking up a takeaway

Sadly some diners occasionally don’t respond with the same level of respect after a night out drinking

11) The fellow diner who asks for something extra hot – or claims their vindaloo or phall isn’t very spicy

This is just tempting the chefs to serve you a dish which will melt your face

12) The number of different ways there are to spell dishes

Pelaw rice, anyone?

13) Ordering a naan bread that’s bigger than your head and nearly killing yourself trying to eat it all

14) Discussing the Indian restaurant scenes from Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Goodness Gracious Me and Rowan Atkinson’s sketch

These are just a bit too accurate, and show us we perhaps aren’t always the best customers

15) Being out with someone who orders off-menu – and the outcry when someone asks for something no one else ever gets

17) Never being able to finish all of your food, and the shame of it being taken away half-eaten

Or asking to take your leftovers home in a doggy bag, and being tempted to have it for breakfast the next day