13 things you said about the possibility of Washington leaving Sunderland

Durham House in Washington.
Durham House in Washington.
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Rumours that some Washington residents may want to vote to leave the city of Sunderland has proved a huge talking point.

Our story has had many of you arguing the case for and against the possible change.

Washington Leisure Centre.

Washington Leisure Centre.

The idea has been dubbed “Wexit” by many, following the Brexit decision from Britain to vote to leave the European Union.

On the Echo’s Facebook page, Alan Bell wrote: “Deffo on favour of a Wexit....much better when it was part of County Durham then Washington Council.”

Erica Tracy Fairley said: “Washington can’t even get its bins emptied or grass cut amongst other things whilst Sunderland get new bridges, fountains etc. So yes I would vote to leave Sunderland.”

Phill Barnes wrote: “Didn’t Sunderland need Washington to get their city status from when they was a small tow! Washington leaves will it stay a city?”

View of Washington

View of Washington

Kath Slawther Kane wrote: “I don’t class Washington as Sunderland ...never have ...The same as Penshaw hill is not in Sunderland either!”

Joyce Galley wrote: “I live in Sunderland but I went to school in Washington. I could never think of Washington as being part of Sunderland, so yes, I would support it.”

Peter Graham said: “It’s the same question as Penshaw is that Sunderland or Durham? Anything west of A19 shouldnt be Sunderland.”

June Humphries wrote: “I have always though of Washington as being part of Sunderland. I always have!!”

The Galleries shopping centre at Washington

The Galleries shopping centre at Washington

Anne Hall wrote: “I don’t think anyone would be that bothered. An awful lot of Washington residents originate from Gateshead anyway, Wexit would end up as split as Brexit but maybe not so drastic.”

Linda Wanless wrote: “Definitely. Sunderland does nothing for Washington everything stops at A19 roundabout.”

Shirley Parker thinks it is a: “Daft idea. If Washington want to be part of Newcastle or Durham fair enough.”

Carol Holbrook wrote: “It was better when we had Washington Council instead of Sunderland Council. Things got done round the streets etc.”

Kevin Mewes wrote: “No why would we want to not be part of Sunderland.”

Jane Swinhoe said: “To be fair, Sunderland Council does nothing for Sunderland either never mind Washington. Although I have seen improvements last two years.”