13 things you said about Nissan chief executive comments on Sunderland plant

Readers have been having their say about comments from car giant Nissan's chief executive about the firm's future plans following Brexit.

Sunday, 7th August 2016, 3:21 pm
Updated Sunday, 7th August 2016, 4:29 pm
Our readers had plenty to say about the comments made about Nissan's future in Sunderland.

Carlos Ghosn said future decisions about the company’s Sunderland plant will depend on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

He did add however that he was “reasonably optimistic” that the UK will continue to be a key partner of the European Union.

The topic proved a big talking point on the Echo’s Facebook page.

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Heather Fagan said: “Nissan has invested millions in Sunderland and knows people from the North East are dedicated, hard workers, they aren’t going anywhere. I honestly don’t think it is ‘worrying’ news at all.”

Joanne Davison disagreed, saying: “Nissan will go wherever is best for Nissan at the time.

“The British taxpayer will have to stump up the cash or they will go to Eastern Europe when the next big investment is due – costs cheaper, larger younger workforce, low wages. Either way, will cost us.”

Mick Palmer wrote: “Carlos Ghosn will be more than happy to close the plant if it doesn’t make enough profit.

“If people would only look at his track record at Michelin and Renault, they’d understand. If the Sunderland factory doesn’t make enough profit, it would be closed irrespective of our position in Europe.”

James Moody wrote: “As we speak, Nissan is expanding. New press machine that cost millions. It’s going nowhere.”

Nathan Carr said: “A company the size of Nissan will think nothing of relocating their work if a favourable deal is not found! We will basically end up with a similar arrangement to what we have now only without any decision-making powers, otherwise we will see a great deal of our industry moving to mainland Europe.”

Andrew Rushmer wrote: “Sunderland folk should have considered the implications of Brexit before voting.”

Darren James said: “Nissan’s been threatening to leave since they got here. But they’re still turning out cars.”

Don Campbell wrote: “I can’t see anything changing as long as they’re making money. As for the impending investment from the EU, I’m sure they’ll renegotiate that with our government.”

Vivienne Hinds wrote: “Just have to hope for the best for the workers as we need these jobs in the North East.”

Gill Ellis-Peel wrote: “Well we knew this would happen anyhow. Lots of major companies are waiting to see what happens with Brexit.”