11 things you said about Sunderland rally to support Jeremy Corbyn

More than 100 people turned out last night at a rally in Sunderland showing support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Sunday, 3rd July 2016, 11:57 am
Updated Sunday, 3rd July 2016, 1:02 pm
The dedicated supporters were adamant that beleaguered MP Jeremy Corbyn is still the man to lead the Labour party.

The opposition leader is in danger of being ousted by his own party after several MPs resigned from the shadow cabinet amid concerns over his performance in the run-up to the Brexit vote.

Here's what readers had to say about Corbyn and the rally organised by his Sunderland supporters.

More than 100 people attended the pro-Jeremy Corbyn rally in Keel Square, Sunderland.

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Kingdom of Madness commented on the Echo's website: "Jeremy may very well be the last honest man in Parliament - a man of decency, principle and compassion. But if the majority of the British public regard him as unelectable then he is of no use to those of us that require a Labour leader to be able to rid us of the gang of public school spoilers and bullies that currently control our country for the purpose largely of their own enrichment."

Bigtwister said: "If this idiot gets in no one will have a future, we'll be Greece on steroids, totally bankrupt and full of immigrants!"

Jimmy the Moonlight added: "I'm convinced the vast majority of these people hadn't even heard of Corbyn before he ran for leader. Most people share Corbyn's views when they are 16 but soon grow out of them."

Truth man said: "For a Labour heartland there were only 100 people there!!! No Labour council members or MPs attended either!! What does that tell you?? A message for Jeremy Corbyn - you're doing UKIP a great favour. Thank you Jeremy!!!"

More than 100 people attended the pro-Jeremy Corbyn rally in Keel Square, Sunderland.

On Facebook, Paul Stewart: "How anyone in Sunderland can think UKIP or the Tories would do anything for us is beyond me! Corbyn is the only one fighting for workers' rights!"

Martyn Young wrote: "Sunderland traditionally a Labour ward and had a majority vote for leave when Labour wanted remain! So why support Corbyn when he wanted to stay and Sunderland wanted to leave?"

Nathan Armstrong: "Too many thick people in our city sadly. I know loads of people who voted leave because, as they put it, "immigrants are taking over". Not one of them could tell me how they individually would be better off out of the EU though."

Mark Cain: "If the Labour party is to move on he's not the man to do it, need to find a man or woman who has the best interest for Britain and not let personal agendas get in the way. Politicians need to remember they work for us."

Eloise Lotz: "I think to manage to organise a meeting in the space of less than a week's notice, on a Saturday night, where at least 100 people turn up in support is actually something to be really proud of. I'd really like to see any of you do that instead of being keyboard warriors!"

Chris Day: "There was more people in McDonald's in Dalton Park this morning."

Jimmy Rayvon: "I'm not voting for Labour again until he's gone and I am not the only one."