11 things you said about The Londonderry becoming The Peacock

New life is being breathed into a landmark city centre pub - and Echo readers had plenty to say about its new guise.

Wednesday, 3rd May 2017, 11:40 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:08 pm
The Londonderry will open with new owners, look and name at the end of the month

The end of the month will mark a new chapter for The Londonderry when the well-known watering hole, which dates back to 1901, reopens as The Peacock.

Named after a coaching inn which stood on the site from 1770 to 1834, The Peacock is owned by The Mac Trust as part its ongoing work to create a culture quarter centred around the transformation of the Old Fire Station into an arts space and restaurant.

The Londonderry Pub 23 October 1980

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Though many have welcomed the reopening of the former Londonderry, which has been closed since last summer, the new name was met with a mixed response by readers.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Andy Reay said: “Binns will always be binns, C&A will always be C&A, and Londonderry will always be Londonderry.”

Margaret Crosbie agreed, saying: “Should have the original name. People will still call it the Londonderry.”

Judith Young added: “The new generation may call it Peacock, to me it’ll always be the Londonderry.”

The Londonderry Pub 23 October 1980

David Douglas said: “It doesn’t look like a Peacock but Londonderry fits the visage perfectly...it feels like the heritage of the town is finally dying with the last few historical building being stripped of their identity.”

Paul Potts commented: “The Derry is The Derry, simple. Always was, always will be.”

Other readers, however, felt the name change was important to mark the change in direction for the pub, which has undergone months of refurbishment and restoration of its period features. New owners The Mac Trust have also had success with The Dun Cow, which it bought in 2014, restoring it to its Edwardian glory.

Lynda Jackson-Mills is glad to see the back of the old name, so called after coal mine owner the Marquess of Londonderry.

She said: “The Peacock is a great name with links to Sunderland’s past. The Marquess of Londonderry profited from the sweat and toil of the men, women and children who worked in the mines for poor wages and conditions. His name is best forgotten.”

Trish Patton added: “Pleased it’s open. Too many empty deserted buildings. Sunderland needs change. Always been the poor neighbours. I want our city to be progressive and build a future for our young people. I love my city and it’s now time for us to shine.”

Lesley Curtis welcomed the restoration of one of the city’s oldest pubs, saying: “Nice to see an old building and once popular pub restored, hope it does well whatever name.”

Robert Forster said: “It’s a pub. Does it matter what it’s called? Did all these people complaining support the Derry when it was open? It became a pub no one wanted to go in.

“I can imagine in 50 years time our kids will be up in arms because someone will be doing the Peacock up and complaining that they are taking their heritage away when they want to rename it the Londonderry. As long as it adds something to a tired part of the town I’m all for it.”

Stephen Martin said the new name was in line with the changes being made in the area: “A grand building such as this deserves something better than what it had become in recent years. The plan to regenerate the ‘Minster’ area meant this would happen no matter what. And it’s great to see.”

June Wintrip said: “What’s in a name? If it is well frequented that’s all we want to save the beautiful building.”