11 things you have said about Wearside MP Sharon Hodgson as she fights back against online trolls

Sharon Hodgson tendered her resignation to Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, yesterday.
Sharon Hodgson tendered her resignation to Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, yesterday.
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Sharon Hodgson, the MP for Washington and Sunderland, has taken a stand against twitter trolls sending her abuse via social media.

Now, the MP is fighting back against the trolls, highlighting the abusive tweets, slamming her critics and blocking users who send her aggressive messages.

Here is 11 things you have said about the MP.

Darren Kerby “I’m elected by the people of my constituency to be their MP. Erm, you’re a Labour candidate in Sunderland. If the party rolled out a cabbage with a red rosette on it would get voted in!”

Jennifer Metcalf She is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike, I wouldn’t waste any of my time on her!! Backstabbing cowards couldn’t even be upfront about their own leader let alone be respectful about the very people who put them where they are.”

Georgia Jamieson Sending you love and support. Nobody should be spoken to like this. They preach social justice and equality but treat those who disagree with like a football they can kick around on social media. Not all Corbyn supporters are like this but those that are should end up in court!”

John Briggs don’t particularly like Hodgson myself but have a debate with the lass by all means just don’t be abusive.”

Julie Bell: “Any form of bullying is awful, whether it happens online, at school, work or in Westminister. Ganging up and smearing people is unnecessary.”

Chris Parry Sharon said: “I respect what you have done. If the mans not living up to expectations then action has to be taken, which is what you and others have done!”

George Davies: “Labour has ruined the City of Sunderland and what has she ever done for Sunderland?”

Lorraine Lister: “The abuse and personal threats against MPs by those calling themselves Corbyn supporters are not acceptable..

Ronsix Duromine Harvey wrote on our website: “My seat isn’t rotten! I was fairly elected by the good people of Washing and Sunderland West. How dare you!”

“Yes you were fairly elected but It was before you betrayed your leader.”

Neilc said: “I find the whole situation bizarre. They are all resigning over Corbyn being gutless over the party stance on the referendum. I can’t recall one local MP for any party getting stuck in and campaigning for the remain campaign. They’re all absolutely gutless! It’s like being on a sinking ship in the middle of nowhere and not trying to stop the leak because you don’t like the captain. It’s about to all politicians grew up and start doing what’s right for the constituencies. This has had real consequences and you’ve all treat it like a game.”

Reprise said: “Does anybody actually give two hoots about Labour’s useless gravy train attention seekers?