11 things to look out for in The X Factor tonight

The X Factor judges.
The X Factor judges.
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You know the temperature is dropping when X Factor/Downton/Strictly arrive on our screens, with The Apprentice and I’m a Celebrity... teaser adverts beginning to be broadcast.

Here’s 11 phrases to look out for in a game of X Factor bingo (can also be used a drinking game).

1. “You smashed it.”

Take a sip when one of the judges gives this expert appraisal.

2. “You owned it.”

See above.

3. “You totally owned it.”

(If Cheryl VF, “taw ully awned it”).

4. “You brought it.”

Slightly confusing recent addition to the owned it/smashed it stable, courtesy of Rita Ora.

5. “I want this so much.”

Contestant confirming that unlike their fellow contestants, who aren’t fussed either way, they are really keen to progress through to the next round.

6. Contestant’s tears*

Tears of happiness at the end of a song, or tears of rejection at the end of a career.

* Tears often lack actual liquid and are rarely accompanied by the usual facial contortions.

7. Judges’ tears

Song strikes a personal note with the judge, who’s often left speechless. No one blows their nose with a hankie.

8. “What do you think?”

Judge turns around to see what the audience is baying for. First seen with Christians and Gladiators in the Colliseum circa BC150.

9. Contestant pleading

Judge giving the bad news while the contestant resorts to desperate measures - “I can learn; I want this so much; Just give me another chance; I’ll do all your shopping.”

10. Uncanny powers of observation

“You’re really nervous aren’t you?” as contestant shakes so much they’re a blur on screen.

11. Simon: “I didn’t like it....”

Audience boos.

Simon: “I loved it...

Audience cheers.