11 pictures of Sunderland's former New Monkey nightclub building as you share your rave scene memories

They were the best nights of your life - and you've never, ever forgotten them.

Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 2:56 pm
Updated Wednesday, 9th January 2019, 12:59 pm
You've been sharing your Sunderland nightclub memories.
You've been sharing your Sunderland nightclub memories.

Dozens of Echo readers have been reliving their raving days as a Sunderland University student searches for people's memories of nights out in the city. Rob Kilburn is putting together a documentary on Wearside's club scene, and has launched his hunt for stories from the Blue Monkey, New Monkey, After Dark and more. Here are some of your stories.

Catherine Jane Thompson: "I remember going to the nappy nights at the Blue Monkey. They were the best years met some great people. Went with some great friends."
Jessica Donkin: "Going in at 11pm and not leaving till 7am next morning."

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Andy Colledge: "The original Monkey in the town and the original After Dark in Roker was mad times in early 90s."
Tom Booth: "Remember some kids asking how to get there from Park Lane about 11pm. They'd travelled on last bus from north of Newcastle."
Phil Tomlinson: "The 1990 generation experienced and embraced a tsunami in culture that only the privileged could comprehend. Best in the business."
Natalie Crinson: "Be class to relive it all for one night."
Susan Stewart: "After Dark was my main one, hardly missed a week."
Chris Byrne: "Best nights of my life in there."
David Simpson: "Ku Club then Blue Monkey. If you remember owt ya weren't there."
Robert Heaton: "Me and my best pal used to work there collecting plastic bottles 25 pound a night haha best times of my life them days will never forget them."
Carl Pearcy: "This was the place. Every week."