10 things almost everyone in Sunderland should have done by the age of 40

We're a proud city by the sea with a wealth of traditions, and there are some activities, foods and pass times almost everyone from Sunderland has indulged in at some point.

Friday, 16th November 2018, 11:08 am
Updated Friday, 16th November 2018, 11:34 am
Picture from Pixabay

Here are 10 things we reckon almost everyone in Sunderland will have done by the time they're 40.

Or at least been for a paddle. Sunderland was once a booming beach resort town, and even in the days of overseas holidays it can still hold its own as a day trip destination for sand seekers - especially after the revamp work and great new businesses which have opened in recent years.
Even if you're not a massive football fan, it's hard to avoid the buzz around Sunderland's beloved football team - including the ecstasy when the Black Cats have been promoted, and the sad faces when they've faced the drop.

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A North East delicacy if ever there was one, and unless you've been vegetarian since birth you've probably sampled this classic hot sandwich. Probably from a branch of Dicksons.
It's one of the highest spots in the town, and seeing the monument on the skyline after a long drive is a sign you're almost home, so scaling Penshaw Hill is an challenge which will make you proud to be a mackem. Once you get your breath back, that is.
A rite of passage many undertake before they're old enough to remember. The City of Sunderland Model Engineering Society has brought smiles to thousands of Wearsiders over the years.
Or chips with "diesel" from the Baker's Oven. Or as part of a fish lot. Or with sand in them down the seafront. We do like our chips.
It's a firm fixture in Sunderland's festive calendar and has featured Hollwood stars and household names. If you didn't get to go as a child, you've probably taken your own children or grandchildren and indulged in a round of "oh no it isn't... OH YES IT IS!"
Our biggest event pulls in thousands from all around the region and further afield, and almost everyone in Sunderland has gazed in wonder as the Red Arrows and their fellow pilots wow the crowds at the seafront.
Sunderland is renowned for its nightlife, and while some of the older generation of drinkers bemoan the loss of some of the city's most famous nightspots, its pubs and clubs still attract thousands of drinkers each weekend. There are also plenty of traditional watering holes for those keener on real ale and a chat than they are loud pop music.
Sunderland is blessed with some great parks, and one of our newest has become a popular spot for families to visit - with children and adults alike loving to say hello to our feathered friends on the lake.