10 simple steps you can take to improve your health

There are lots of easy ways you can improve your health. Here's my top 10 tips.

Sunday, 15th April 2018, 2:09 pm
Updated Sunday, 15th April 2018, 2:16 pm
A healthy diet is one way to stay fit and well.

1. Remember, you are what you eat (and drink):

A poor diet may increase the risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer and heart disease.

Keep an eye on how much alcohol you drink too. For both women and men, the new revised recommended limits are 14 units a week.

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2. Hit the gym:

Exercise brings benefits for both health and wellbeing, helping people to maintain a more suitable weight and counter the stresses of daily life.

3. Kick the bad habits:

Smoking increases your risk of lung disease, heart disease and cancers.

There are a number of nicotine replacement options to help. Your GP, local pharmacist or online doctor can discuss this with you.

4. Dental health:

Regular brushing, flossing and check ups with your dentist can help stave off problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

5. Take a break:

Taking a holiday is a good way to de-stress. Be careful what you eat and drink, don’t let an upset stomach ruin your holiday.

6. Make sure things are working properly in the bedroom department:

Maintaining your sexual mojo plays an important role in reinforcing overall physical health and a sense of wellbeing.

7. Take your medicine:

Taken in accordance with instructions and with the proper advice of a pharmacist or GP, appropriate medication has the power to improve your health.

8. Get a health check:

If you are invited for a health screening, it is important you attend. In many cases in modern medicine, prevention is better than cure.

9. Get a good night’s sleep:

Avoid stimulants before bedtime, set a digital curfew and switch off devices before bed and try reading.

Sleeping pills are sometimes prescribed but should only be used short term and last resort.

10. There’s an app for that:

From fitness apps to NHS electronic prescriptions, technology is making it easier for people to live healthier lives. Check out what technology can do for you.

:: Dr Alexandra Phelan is a working NHS GP and Online Doctor with Pharmacy2U. Visit www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/NHS or call 0800 031 9162 for further information