When the weather is tough, the tough go to the greenhouse

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AFTER a poor Bank Holiday, I’m concentrating on my crops under glass.

At last, the tomatoes are cropping freely, but all varieties (Suncherry, Gardener’s Delight, Super Roma and a golden plum variety I’m trialling) are about a month late.

Once cordon tomatoes have hit the roof (literally), cut the tops off and make sure you side shoot and remove foliage up to the second truss.

This concentrates the plant’s energy into ripening fruit. Encourage this by feeding weekly with a high phosphate feed like Tomorite or a home-made one made of comfrey and/or nettles.

The aubergine Black Enorma is finally flowering without dropping its buds, but I’m not sure whether they’ll actually set fruit and ripen in time before the colder weather sets in.

The yellow bell peppers are a decent size and one of them actually shows signs of becoming golden.

The plague of aphids has subsided. There’s still some, but the Savona horticultural soap spray mostly did its job.

Thankfully, I moved the peppers and aubergines outside to spray them, as the residue has stained the the flagstones, so be careful if you’re using it near a vulnerable surface.

I’ve also picked my first chili, a small cayenne variety, but it was quite spicy enough for me.

One nice surprise is the tuberoses I planted in February. After months, the bulbs eventually sprouted strap-like leaves, but didn’t do anything else. Being next to the tomatoes has done them good, as they’ve been getting high potash feed.

Now there’s several flower stalks and I can’t wait until they open. Tuberose is a favourite of perfumiers with a gorgeous, pungent scent – enough to kill the smell of teenage son’s footy boots!