We’re getting a band back together – Angelic Upstarts, Red Alert and Cockney Rejects veterans form punk supergroup

L to R Moscow Mules: Decca Wade, Tom Von Simpson, Tony Vanfrater and Nicky Buck (bus stop)
L to R Moscow Mules: Decca Wade, Tom Von Simpson, Tony Vanfrater and Nicky Buck (bus stop)
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PUNK rockers from Wearside have come together in a super group to celebrate a top rock drummer.

Cockney Rejects guitar hero Tony Vanfrater and ex-Red Alert bass player Tom Von Spencer, both from High Barnes, have teamed up with Decca Wade from Jarrow, drummer of the Angelic Upstarts, to record an updated version of Cozy Powell’s Dance with the Devil.

The ex-Rainbow and Black Sabbath drummer was a friend of Decca and taught him how to play parts of the complicated drum patterns that made up the song that made number three in the charts in 1974.

Sadly, Cozy Powell lost his life in a car crash near Bristol in 1998.

Ex-Whisky Priests and Toy Dolls drummer Nicky Buck, from Peterlee, approached Decca Wade to record the tribute to Cozy.

He said: “I’ve always admired Cozy’s work and wanted to show the music world that punk musicians can really play their instruments.

“This version is possibly even more technically complicated than the original and it sounds modern and fresh.

“I’m delighted at the way that Decca and the band have recorded this single.”

Decca has named the band the 
Moscow Mules after a famous cocktail drink.

“We’ve shown that we’ve still got the drive and enthusiasm to produce a potential hit single after all of these years in the business,” he said.

“The song cuts across all musical genres and will appeal to rock, punk and even dance fans. I really believe it is the best track I’ve ever recorded.”

Community radio station Radio Northumberland will be exclusively playing the track on 
Monday at 10pm in a special documentary show about the making of the record.

New Wave presenter, Keith Newman was delighted to have been able to be in the studio with the band.

He said: “The track is awesome and Decca has said that it is the best record he has ever made.

“I’m privileged to be able to give it its first playing and hope everyone tunes in on Monday to listen.”

For more information, see www.radionorthumberland.com.

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