VIDEO: Singer slams X Factor after failing to make the cut

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X FACTOR reject Lana Kennedy has slammed the popular show after she was shown the red card – despite claiming she could be a hit.

The 26-year-old club and pub singer hoped to wow programme bosses with her rendition of Rihanna’s hit “We Found Love” when auditions were held in the region at the weekend. her colour  poster. Lana Kennedy of Grindon auditioned for the X Factor but was unsuccessful her colour poster. Lana Kennedy of Grindon auditioned for the X Factor but was unsuccessful

But the mum-of-two was left frustrated when, after queuing for more than seven hours, she was rejected after being told her voice is not strong enough.

Lana, of Greenwood Road, Grindon, said: “It was an absolute joke. We stood outside queuing for about five hours before being let in and then we spent another two hours queuing inside to be heard.

“They had said they would give everyone a chance and that the auditions were serious so what annoyed me so much was when people dressed as Dalmatians and tramps who couldn’t sing got through.

“I know some people go for the entertainment value but I was there as a serious singer.”

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Saturday’s auditions at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena saw more than 4,000 hopefuls try out for the smash hit ITV show that has discovered chart-toppers, including Leona Lewis and JLS.

Lana is devastated that the panel of judges, which have not been unveiled this year but last year included Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh, Kelly Rowland and Tulisa Contostavlos, didn’t even get to hear her sing.

Lana, who was knocked back in 2005 when she auditioned, said: “The problem was the judges weren’t there, it was just a load of crew members making all the decisions.

“It’s not fair.”

As part of The X Factor audition process, hopefuls are expected to initially perform in front of show producers before being invited back for a second audition with them.

Those who are successful then go on to audition in front of the cameras and the panel of judges.

Dismayed Lana said: “I love singing and have been singing since I was little but started doing it properly at the age of 16. I feel disappointed.”

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