TONY JEFFRIES’ LA DIARY: Why I can’t fight on Amir Khan bill

Tony Jeffries with Amir Khan
Tony Jeffries with Amir Khan
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SINCE my last diary two weeks ago, a few things have happened and a few questions have been answered.

I went to the Amir Khan press conference in downtown LA last week to have a meeting with Amir’s manager to see about fighting on his undercard in Vegas on July 23.

The meeting went great and they really wanted me to fight on the bill. I was very excited.

But then the next day, I found out that I can’t, because of silly boxing politics – my promoter is contracted to Sky Sports and with Khan’s fight being on Primetime I can’t box!

So I’m not fighting until September, which is very frustrating. I’ve been in LA training since April 5, twice a day, five/six days a week – and no fight. I’m going to stay positive though.

I’m having a week or so off so that me and my fiancée, Sarah, who’s a nurse at Sunderland A&E, can have a holiday.

She’s taken a bit of time out to stay with me over here and we are going to make the two-hour drive to Palm Springs to spend five days there.

The only holiday I’ve had this year was my few weeks in Sunderland in March. As much as I love Sunderland I’m sure you will all agree it’s no holiday destination, so I’m really looking forward to having a bit of chill time.

LA would be a pretty nice holiday destination but with me being here for so long, it’s my second home and I’m looking forward to getting away.

It would have been nice to come back to Sunderland, but it gets a bit pricey flying back and forth, so I’m going to wait until mid-August, just before my fight which will be in the UK, before I get back and see everyone.

Thanks for your support.