These are the top 10 predicted dog names for 2020

Naming a new pet can be a difficult choice, with so many traditional and trending names to choose from.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 12:59 pm
Updated Friday, 4th October 2019, 1:32 pm

These are the top 10 dog names which are predicted to be popular next year according to Tasty Bone, so if you’re looking for inspiration there’s plenty to choose from. If you already have a pooch - does your dog’s name make the list?

Charlie ranks first in the list as the most popular dog name in 2020.
Loki continues to be a popular name for pooches, ranking second in the list.

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Harley takes the third spot in the list, predicted to be popular for your pooch in 2020.
Disney film Frozen sparked the popularity of the names Anna and Elsa, with Elsa expected to be a popular choice among dog owners next year.
The film Twilight also resulted in the spike in popularity of the name Bella, with it expected to be a popular name for pooches in 2020.
The name Luke claims the sixth spot in the list.
Lion King fans can rejoice, as the name Simba is set to be a popular dog name next year.
Lady and the Tramp fans may also wish to take inspiration from this popular Disney film, with the name Lady set to be a popular dog name in 2020.
The name Millie continues to be popular, claiming the ninth spot in the list.
Maggie also continues to be a top choice for dog names, ranking 10th in the list for popular pooch names in the year 2020.