These are the most annoying things you can ever say to someone from Sunderland

Sunderland folk are some of the friendliest you'll meet - but that doesn't mean we can't get worked up at times.


If you're not from these parts, here's a warning of things you shouldn't say to a Mackem (apologies, due to a software problem apostrophes, quotation marks and some other characters are not appearing for some readers at present)

You what?! We' re called Mackems. Never make that mistake again. Now get your coat.
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Dinnet embarrass yersel, marra, leave it to the professionals
Just come and see for yourself some of the wonderful views, parks, woodland and dramatic landscapes we enjoy every day in our city.
We think you will find our own Joseph Swan patented it 10 years earlier than America s Thomas Edison.
We are very much a place in our own right, thank you very much. And we are the biggest city in the North East - so maybe you should say Newcastle is near us.
True, we might not have as many shops. But we have plenty other things going for us. The Sunderland Airshow pulls in thousands, we get the best touring West End shows. We have some amazing green spaces, and then theres the beach.
We are a proud city by the sea, with miles of coastline and stunning beaches at Roker and Seaburn, home to some amazing cafes and bustling businesses. Why does nobody know were on the sea? Look at the map!
Did LS Lowry or Grayson Perry document your city? From Anglo-Saxon times when we were a centre of learning producing early stained glass and amazing works, to our buzzing arts scene today, we are far from culturally dormant.
So is talk like that. Hands off our cheesy chips.
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Please. From Double Maxim to the Darwin Brewery and beyond, Sunderland has plenty of beers of its own that are better than that stuff. Weve even got the Vaux brewing returning under a new guise.
Ey? Beamish is up the road. However, could we tempt you to a Poetic License gin, distilled in premises on our aforementioned seafront?
Think of James Bolam, James Herriot, Melanie Hill, David Parfitt, Gertrude Bell, Eric Boswell, Lauren Laverne, Kate Adie, Denise Robertson, Lauren Laverne, George Clarke, St Bede, the list goes on...
It is mam not mum. End of.
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The Wetlands Centre, The National Glass Centre, the Sunderland Empire, Herrington Country Park, The Museum and Winter Gardens, historic buildings, excellent parks and open spaces, great coffee shops, the seafront. Quite a mix!
We have everything on offer from Egyptian food to vegan contemporary Mexican dishes. Take your pick!
We cannot boast The Beatles (though they played here), but we make do with The Futureheads, Kenickie, Frankie & The Heartstrings, The Lake Poets, Dave Stewart, The Toy Dolls, The Stranglers Baz Warne, Bryan Ferry, the SoL gigs...
You certainly can. We love our team through thick and thin, we have a lot to be proud of, and we are looking forward to what the future holds for our club.