Five ways full fibre can improve your internet experience

Reliable connectivity is now an everyday essential, with many of us now depending on our broadband service. Jason Legget, CityFibre Manager for Sunderland explains just why the company can meet all of your online needs now, and in the future.

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Wednesday, 27th October 2021, 7:42 am
“Our network is 100% full fibre, and carries data at the speed of light.”

Every day, we rely on our broadband service for our jobs, teaching our kids, shopping, or just winding down after a busy day. Yet with inconsistent download speeds, poor quality services, and even mysterious periods of downtime that can last hours while maintenance is carried out, there is room for improvement with our online experiences.

So, what can be done to ensure that our digital connectivity meets the demands of 21st century living? The main thing is making sure we have UK-wide access to reliable, high-speed networks that can grow with us as our data use increases as we use broadband dependant technologies – and full fibre is the best technology for the job.

At CityFibre, we believe everyone should be able to harness all the benefits of the digital age. That’s why we are working in communities like Sunderland to deliver town and city-wide full fibre networks that will future-proof them for decades to come.

“At CityFibre, we believe everyone should be able to harness all the benefits of the digital age.”

But how will having full fibre broadband benefit you? Here we will explore how this world-class digital infrastructure can combat some of the top frustrations people report with their broadband services – from pricing and customer service to dropouts and low speeds.

1. Making your connection faster

For around 75% of households, connections to the internet come via copper cabling, which is designed to carry sound, not data. Our network, on the other hand, is 100% full fibre, and carries data at the speed of light, meaning you will have access to the fastest broadband available.

What’s more, full fibre enables “symmetrical” speeds, which means you will get the same speed for upload and download, ensuring you have the broadband services you need to serve your data needs as they grow, meaning everyone can use their devices when they want without the dreaded buffering.

2. Making your internet connection more reliable

There are many different reasons why your internet might drop out, but some of the most common causes are poor weather and network damage. Our infrastructure is resistant to electromagnetic interference and water, meaning it won’t be impacted by stormy weather or flooding. Even better, the way we build our digital networks means that services can often be rerouted temporarily while any major repairs are made, so you don’t even have to suffer maintenance outages.

A low bandwidth can also cause your connection to drop out. This can be caused by too many people or devices trying to access the network at the same time – an issue which is resolved with the connection speeds offered by our full fibre network.

3. Reducing downtime

Nothing is infallible, but what we can guarantee with our full fibre infrastructure is that any faults can be identified and fixed in record time. Through embedded network systems, we are constantly monitoring our network, which means we’ll often be able to detect and repair a fault before you even notice it!

4. Getting more bang for your buck

At CityFibre, we want to see the UK benefit from a more competitive telecoms landscape, as this will drive service improvement. That’s why our network is open access. We are working with an ever-growing list of UK internet service providers (ISPs), creating competition across our network. This will give residents who want access the benefits of full fibre greater choice.

Increasingly as we see full fibre’s availability grow, we will see ISPs offer new packages and offers that will tempt consumers to make the upgrade. For the canny consumer, it will be about investigating the choice on offer and making the right purchasing decision for them.

5. Building a network that your grandchildren will be using

Our full fibre network is future-proof. This means that as our data consumption grows, our full fibre network will be able to support faster speeds and greater bandwidth with simple upgrades. 8K movies streamed to your home? No problem. Zero latency and lag while using your PlayStation 28 in the future? Easy.

So when can I get it?

Currently, around a quarter of homes in the UK have access to full fibre broadband, and at CityFibre we are working hard to increase this number. With an investment of £62m to deliver our network here in Sunderland this means, as a resident, you will soon be able to access all the benefits which full fibre broadband can bring.

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