Sunderland-shot film to shine light on female football hooliganism

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A FILM is throwing the spotlight upon the secret world of female football hooliganism.

Director Garry Moore, from Red House, hopes to tackle the subject in his first feature film which will be shot in Sunderland, though based in London.

First he is trying to attract investors who will fund the £200,000 needed for the movie, which will be called Hard.

{>>CLICK HERE to view a trailer for the film|>>CLICK HERE to view a trailer for the film|}

Garry, who has won a number of awards in the past for his short films, says it would be a great opportunity to tell an unusual story in a compelling way.

“I’ve been trying to get a feature film off the ground for a number of years,” he said.

“I’ve made 39 short films, but these are often a calling card and stepping stone into making a feature film and I’m at the stage where I need to step up and progress my career.”

Hard focuses on 16-year-old Beki Knight, who joins a female gang after her sister is left brain-damaged in a fight.

A trailer for the film has already been shot on the banks of the River Wear and at other settings around the city.

“I’ve done some research into football hooliganism and come across a few female hooligans,” said Garry. “But they are mostly part of male-dominated firms.

“In London, however, there is a big problem with girl gangs and I thought it would be interesting to combine the two.

“When you look at films such as Green Street and Football Factory they are quite generic streets that could be in any city. There are lots of places in Sunderland that would be perfect for the film.

“It also keeps costs down to shoot here.”

Many of the actors cast in the film hail from the North East, such as Gauri Vedhara who was in Byker Grove for seven years and more recently appeared in the CBBC series Wolf Blood.

A crew is also in place which has worked on a number of high-profile films such as Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, The Dark Knight, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Interview with a Hitman.

Garry has set up a fund-raising page on crowd-funding website Indiegogo which allows people to make donations to fund the film from as little as £1.

He is also planning to approach investors who can plough in more substantial funds.

He said: “It is notoriously difficult to find anyone to back you when you don’t have a track record in feature film making.

“So I made a concept trailer for the film with backing from two small investors who saw the potential in the film, to be able to show other investors, sales agents and distributors what the film would look like in terms of style, content and quality.

“I’m in talks with a number of investors to raise the £200,000 needed, but it was always the intention to run a funding campaign on Indiegogo, to allow ordinary people who can’t afford to make large investments the opportunity to get involved in the glamorous world of film making.”

People who donate to the making of the film can receive a perk or reward in exchange.

These can vary, from a personal thank-you message from the director to signed scripts to days on set shadowing the director or as an extra or attending a cast read through.

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