Sunderland scouts ready for revamped ‘bob-a-job’ week

Scouts are prepared for Community Week
Scouts are prepared for Community Week
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BOB-A-JOB is making a comeback as Scouts will offer their services nearly 20 years after the volunteer week ended.

The Scout Association will launch Scout Community Week and encourage its members to do work for those around them.

Eddie Mallaby, who has been a Scout leader at St John’s Church, in Ashbrooke, for 53 years, thinks that bringing the volunteering aspect of Scouting back would be a great thing for both the Scouts and the community.

“We would certainly be happy to do it,” said the 72-year-old.

“I know that it is something the Scouts would really like to do.

“The great thing is it is giving the public a good impression of the Scouts.

“It will show them that we are still alive and going strong.”

Members of the public will be able to contact their neighbourhood Scouts troops to suggest projects to work on.

The volunteering and fund-raising initiative, which will run from May 14 to 20 next year, will be the largest the association has done since bob-a-job ended.

It is expected that up to 400,000 young people will be involved in the week’s activities.

The original series of volunteer weeks were known as bob-a-job, where members of the community were asked to donate a shilling to any Scouts who knocked on their doors looking for an odd job to do.

Eddie, from Hendon, said: “I would think the community would be really happy with having the Scouts help out.

“We are pretty well known in Ashbrooke, so I think there would be a quite a lot of interest in getting the group helping out.

“You only ever see news about the bad youngsters, never news about the good ones.

“It’s nice that there will be some good stuff being put out there about the Scouts.”

Adventurer Bear Grylls, the UK Chief Scout, said: “All Scouts promise to help other people and there is no better way of showing this than getting involved in your community.

“I hope that as many Scout groups as possible will get inspired in this celebration of their community next may.”

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