Sunderland chef’s slimmer soup

Peter Orr of Amalfi Tower, Lakeside Village, Silksworth, with his book called Souper Soups.
Peter Orr of Amalfi Tower, Lakeside Village, Silksworth, with his book called Souper Soups.
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A SLIMMER has created a recipe book of super soups to help beat the bulge.

Peter Orr has written a book of healthy soup recipes aimed at anyone looking to shift a few pounds on a budget.

The 49-year-old from Silksworth, was inspired to write the book due to his own battle with weight and diabetes.

He said: “I’ve always had an interest in healthy eating. I attend Slimming World. Weight has always been a bit of an issue for me.”

Peter has dropped from 25 stone to 20 stone and aims to lose even more weight.

The volunteer at the North East Aircraft Museum has suffered from diabetes for years and, four years ago, was told he had high blood sugar.

“There are recipe books out there for people with diabetes but often the ingredients in them you would never buy or you might not have even heard off and they can be really expensive,” said Peter.

“I decided to put something together myself to help people with weight loss. I approached a slimming club but they didn’t want to do it so I decided to do a DIY job.

“I found a publisher but then they went bust so I tried a different one and eventually Amazon said they would take it on and publish it for Kindle.”

Peter’s book Souper Soups has 21 soup recipes that are loaded with vegetables and fibre and on top of that, they don’t break the bank.

Peter said: “My favourite recipe is probably Cumbrian Vegetable Soup, it serves six and only costs 85p per head and that’s the most expensive soup in the book.”

“The one thing about all of these soups is that they are all suitable for diabetics. I showed the book to my doctor and he said it was great for anyone with diabetes or who was trying to lose weight.”

Souper Soups had already been a hit with Peter’s friends.

Peter said: “A lot of my friends have been buying copies. One bought seven to give as gifts to people, and I have given some to cafes in town so they can use them.”

Peter will also be donating £1 from every book sale to the Chris Lucas Trust which raises money for cancer research for which Peter is a trustee.

Souper Soups is available on