Sunderland author hoping to break down barriers with gay novel

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A WEARSIDE author is hoping to break down the barriers as he gears up to launch a gay novel.

Daniel Kennedy, 24, has penned his book, The Chronicles of Koradai, which he is to self-publish on Amazon.

Set in a fictional world, it tells the story of the hero, Julian, who is taken to Koradai by another man Christian.

As they battle to save the land of Koradai, the two men fall in love.

Daniel, of Penshaw, said: “I wanted to get across the message that it’s okay to be gay and you shouldn’t feel ashamed of it.

“Christian says at the end of the novel, ‘what does it matter if you are gay and who you love?’

“In Koradai being gay is totally normal.”

The fictional fantasy novel is aimed at a younger audience, who may be struggling with issues of insecurity with their sexuality.

Daniel said there are similarities in Julian’s character to himself and his own insecurities.

Part of his inspiration for the novel was the lack of gay literature he feels is available.

He is hoping his book will encourage more gay authors in Sunderland to put pen to paper.

Daniel, who suffers from depression, added: “Writing is an escape for me. It helps me forget everything.

“My partner’s mam is a big help to me. I say she is my manager and she encourages me to write.

“My partner, Adrian, is very encouraging too.”

Daniel is aiming to continue The Chronicles of Koradai series and write more novels.

The first book will be available for Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.