Sunderland animal charity struggling to cope

Six week old Mastiff Cross puppies. Animal Crackers charity appeal for homes for puppies.
Six week old Mastiff Cross puppies. Animal Crackers charity appeal for homes for puppies.
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PREGNANT dogs are being dumped on an animal charity because irresponsible owners are failing to have their pets neutered.

Grangetown-based Animal Krackers says it is struggling to cope with an influx of pregnant dogs and unwanted puppies – and has appealed to Wearsiders to help.

Sue Hardy, from the charity, said volunteers had rehoused dozens of puppies in the past three months. There is also a problem with unwanted kittens and pregnant cats.

She called on animal-loving Wearsiders for support – and for pet-owners to be responsible and have their dogs neutered.

“Please, if you love your pets, do the right thing by them and have them neutered,” she said.

Andrea Parkin, who co-founded Animal Krackers with Susan in 2002, said: “We normally get dogs to rehome from elderly people who have died, or their circumstances change, but we’ve had 40 puppies to rehouse.”

She said another problem was dog owners who decided to make money by breeding pups, but then realised it was harder work than they thought.

Sue added: “Animal Krackers has rehomed 30 puppies in the last three months. The mothers were all under a year old and went through horrific births.”

Sue and Andrea said the charity’s budget was coming under great strain coping with thousands of pounds in vets bills to have pets neutered and vaccinated as well as other treatment and check-ups.

Animal Krackers, which has a shop in Windsor Terrace, Grangetown, is now looking for foster carers for some of its pets and wants to hear from anyone willing to help in the shop and make collections.

The charity also asks for donations to help fund the neutering, vaccinations and care.

Asda, HJ Stories, Morrisons, and Sainsburys all have pet food donation bins in their stores.

* Anyone interested in adopting a cat or a dog can contact Carole 079777 69109 (cats) and Andrea 07588 903233 (dogs). For general inquiries about Animal Krackers, call Ian Williams on 514 2204.