SLIDESHOW: Face of 13 – The Final 12

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Here they are! The Face Of 2013 finalists as chosen by you, the readers. Cara Houchen spoke to the wannabe 12 to find out more.

THEY’VE been in the spotlight for the past week in a bid to get your votes and now the lucky 12 have been chosen.

Winners of the Echo face of 2012 - Sophie Wharton and Ravi Gill...

Winners of the Echo face of 2012 - Sophie Wharton and Ravi Gill...

Our gorgeous guys and girls will be strutting their stuff in front of our judges on May 8 at the Stadium of Light and hoping they stand out from the crowd.

We are looking for two winners, one male and one female, and the lucky pair will not only be crowned the Face Of 2013 but they will get their hands on some cracking prizes.

These include:

•One year’s free hairdressing with Reds

•A portfolio shoot with Scott Spock Photography

•A year’s modelling contract with Tyne Tees Models

•A make-up tutorial and make-up for the photoshoot by elite make up artist Amanda Bell

•Jewellery from Collinson Jewellers

Name: Ashleigh Williams

Age: 21

Where from: Houghton

Occupation: Full-time mum to son Ellis, who is 19 months old, and she works part time at Asda in Washington

She said: “I’ve never entered anything like this before but I thought it was worth giving it a go. I couldn’t believe it when I was in the final 40 so I’m amazed I’m in the final – I can’t get over it!

“I don’t want to just be seen as a young mam, I want to make something of myself. This is an opportunity for me to do that so I’m over the moon.”

Name: Jack Hughes

Age: 17

Where from: Plains Farm

Occupation: Student at Bede College studying a level 3 Btech in ICT.

He said: “My mam put me forward so I was surprised when I found out but all my friends and family have been voting which had been nice. I’m really pleased that I’m in the final – I didn’t think I would get this far at all. I’m hoping the judges will see that I have a good sense of humour and that I’m quite confident. I just hope that I have got a look that the judges are interested in.”

Name: Lee Conteh

Age: 19

Where from: Easington Lane

Occupation: Student at East Durham College studying Sports Science.

He said: “I didn’t have a clue I was in the competition as it was my sister who put me forward.

“She always says that I’m good-looking but she’s biased!

“I have never thought about modelling so I think I’m going to be nervous – plus I don’t know what the judges are looking for.”

Name: Jay Jaimeson

Age: 22

Where from: Seaburn

Occupation: Singer, cocktail waiter and works in sales for Virgin Media.

He said: “Singing is my passion and I used to be in a Take That and Westlife tribute band so I’m used to being in front of an audience. Now I’m solo and I do a lot of covers including Pink, who I got the chance to sing with when she came to the Stadium of Light. I entered after reading about the opportunities last year’s winners got, it seemed to open a few doors so I thought I would give it a go.”

Name: Elliott Pratt

Age: 17

Where from: Seaham

Occupation: Student at Sunderland College studying law, English and PE A-levels.

He said: “When my mam and nana told me they had entered me I wasn’t that bothered as I didn’t think it would get this far. Now I’m in the final and I’m really happy especially because I did not expect it – I’m really going to go for it now. I have a fun and confident personality and I think my look is quite unique and stylish.”

Name: Nikki Cattrell

Age: 20

Where from: Washington

Occupation: Travel agent for Thomas Cook in The Galleries.

She said: “I’m really shocked. It was my brother’s girlfriend who put me forward but when I found out I was in the top 40 I really got into it, trying to get votes and posting it all over facebook. Now I’m in the final I’m nervous because I’ve never done anything like this before. I think it will give me a lot more confidence though and it would be really exciting doing a professional shoot.”

Name: Pammy Rose

Age: 20

Where from: Seaham

Occupation: Dancer

She said: “I was going to enter last year but I changed my mind. This year I just decided to go for it despite the controversy around the fact that I’m transgender.

“I wanted to do it to show others not to be scared and that even though people will try to put me down I can be whoever I want to be.”

Dancing is Pammy’s passion and she is part of the Seaham Dance Group. She said: “It’s what I love and I would give up anything for it. I’m over the moon to be in the Face Of final it’s really exciting.”

She added: “I know I will stand out because I’m transgender but I want to be treated the same. I’m not just promoting beauty, I’m promoting courage.”

Name: Hannah Jo Orrell

Age: 18

Where from: Shiney Row

Occupation: Dancer and student at Blackpool dance college

She said: “I always want to make my nana proud and she wanted me to enter so I did it. I’m a dancer but I’m interested in moving into modelling too so I thought this would be a great opportunity.

“I think I’m very individual and I’m not just a dancer. I got 10 A* and four A’s at GCSE.

“My teachers were disappointed I didn’t pursue a more academic path but I wanted to go to stage school as I’ve been performing since I was little.

“I’ve just been in Stooshe’s latest music video and I love promoting the fact that I’m from Sunderland.

“Everyone always thinks my accent is Newcastle but I make sure they know it’s Sunderland as I’m really proud of where I’m from. I’m really pleased I’m in the final 12.”

Name: Carlos Caballero

Age: 22

Where from: Red House

Occupation: Student at Sunderland Uni studying Graphic Communication and Design. Works part-time at Pets At Home on Hylton Retail Park.

He said: “I never enter competitions like this because they consume my life. I’m really competitive so I’ve been constantly checking Facebook to see how the votes have been going.

“It was my girlfriend who put me forward and it’s amazing that I’m now in the final. I’m the sort of person who gets ready three hours before I have to be somewhere to make sure I look presentable.”

Modelling is something Carlos has always been interested in but he’s never had the time to pursue it.

He said: “Hopefully this is the opportunity I need. I used to get bullied a lot at school because of my skin so it feels great to be in a competition that recognises people for the way they look.”

Name: Sophie Lee Humphries

Age: 17

Where from: Hendon

Occupation: Student at Hylton College studying Beauty Therapy.

She said: “I didn’t feel confident entering myself as I was scared what people might say so my mam entered on my behalf.

“Once I started getting lots of votes I was really happy so I’m glad she did it.

“I can’t believe I’m in the final – it’s really overwhelming, especially as I’ve never modelled so it’s a completely new experience.

“I hope the judges will see that I love doing beauty and taking pride in my appearance. I love fashion and I think I have a good personality.”

Name: Daniel Corner

Age: 18

Where from: Roker

Occupation: Student at Newcastle College studying film studies, media studies and English language A-levels. He also works at Topman in The Bridges and as a barman at Independent.

He said: “My sister thinks I can win it so she put me forward. I didn’t think anything of it but then I was in the final 40 so I thought ‘nice one’.

“I don’t want to make massive deal about it and get really excited in case I don’t win but I’m pleased to be in the final. I’m not your typical teenager as I have two jobs as well as being at college so I’m always busy.

“I think the judges will see I’m confident and they will notice my hair, which is what I’m known for within my group of friends.”

Name: Brogan Kay

Age: 17

Where from: Seaham

Occupation: Working on an apprenticeship with the NHS in business admin. She has just been accepted into Sunderland University to study Human Resources.

She said: “I’ve never thought about modelling so when my cousin put me forward I was a bit shocked.

“I’ve got quite into it since I made the final 40. It’s been really good fun and I’ve enjoyed encouraging people to vote. Now I’m in the final 12 I’m going to give it my best shot. I think the judges will be surprised how confident I am for my age. I left school at 16 to do my apprenticeship and through that I’ve had to interact with a range of people including supporting an MS group and working with vulnerable adults. I think my best feature is my hair. It’s so thick and curly it really stands out.”