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IF you’ve got an allotment, or are on the waiting list for one, here’s a petition you might like to sign.

National Allotment Society member Michael Moulding, has created an online petition asking the Government for a national allotment strategy.

He said: “If the petition collects 100,000 signatures, it will force Parliament to consider it.

“More realistically, if we can get the petition to 10,000 signatures it will force the relevant government department to respond.”

Here’s what the petition asks the Department for Communities and Local Government for: “In keeping with the Government’s policy of ‘The Big Society’, we call on it to introduce and implement a new national allotment strategy for the UK.

“Government shall consult with allotment providers, The National Allotment Society, councils, allotment holders and communities with the aim of:

* Introducing new legislation to provide better protection for the non-statutory allotment provision.

* Increasing Government support to improve the current provision.

* Increasing the number of allotments to meet demand.

* Encouraging better management of allotments by providing support to implement best practice.

* To encourage councils and allotment providers to put allotments higher on their agenda.

* To encourage more community and shared allotments.

* Providing better financial support for allotments in the UK.

To sign, log on to