Seafood Week: Top five fish tips to celebrate

How will you mark Seafood Week?
How will you mark Seafood Week?
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In a week where the nation celebrates all things seafood, we've got some top tips to ensure you take full advantage.

Seafood Week 2016 runs from October 7 until October 14 - and a local fishmonger has taken time out to divulge some of his secrets on how to get the best from your seafood.

Take your tips from Latimer's this Seafood Week.

Take your tips from Latimer's this Seafood Week.

Robert Latimer has been running Latimer's Seafood Deli and Cafe, in Whitburn, since 2002 - and here are his tips on getting the best catch!

Befriend your local fishmonger: Ask your fishmonger what fish they are eating for dinner! Ask them what’s in season, and what has just landed. This is a great way for you to learn more about all the different varieties of fish and seafood and the opportunity to try something new.

Don’t be afraid to ask when and where your fish was caught: It’s important to know how fresh your fish is and where it’s from, so you can be sure you are getting the best fresh, local, native fish and shellfish. Your fishmonger should be happy to tell you this.

Keep it simple: The freshest fish only takes a minute or two to cook, it really is "healthy" fast food and tastes incredible. En-papillote style of cooking (baked in a parcel without batter) is brilliant with flat fish, locking in all the flavour and moisture. To cook: get the oven moderately hot, and put whatever flavours you fancy – a little butter, herbs, a slice of lemon or a dash of wine, into the parcel with the whole fish or fillet. Wrap and oven bake for 10 to 15 minutes.

Get kids cooking with fish: Get children involved with cooking fish early on by making home-made fish fingers with whiting, or lemon sole. Simply choose your favourite fish and ask your fishmonger to skin and bone it for you. Coat your fish with egg and breadcrumbs and grill, fry or bake. Perfect in a sandwich, or with oven roasted chips and mushy peas.

Buy your seafood cooked and ready to eat: In a hurry? Buy your seafood cooked and ready to go! Buying cooked and ready to eat seafood is perfect for quick lunches, salads and parties. There are so many options from cooked prawns, mussels and crab to smoked salmon and smoked mackerel. Crab is very versatile, put it in sandwiches, pasta, risottos, salads, on toast or just eat straight from the pot. What could be simpler?

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