Sausage king wins with ‘Pitman’ black pudding burger

Boldon Pickings butcher Paul Clark wins burger award
Boldon Pickings butcher Paul Clark wins burger award
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BRILLIANT butcher Paul Clark has swapped bangers for burgers – and still brought home the bacon.

The 46-year-old is probably best known for his array of award-winning sausages, but he has branched out for his latest accolade and landed a prize for burgers.

Paul, who runs George H Pickings in Front Street, East Boldon, came first in the speciality burger category at the National Federation of Meat and Food Traders (NMMFT) spring competition for his “Pitman” pork and black pudding burger.

It is the second time Paul has won the category at the contest in Malvern, Worcestershire, after winning with a pork and apple burger last year.

Mr Clark said: “It’s brilliant to win. I’m probably known more for my sausages, but I keep my hand in with burgers and bacon as well.

“This was a variation on my Pitman Porker sausage, which people love and has won awards. I thought it would make a good burger, and it seems like it has.”

Mr Clark wasn’t going to enter the contest this year because of how far he would have to travel – but changed his mind when a butcher friend told him he was going to go down.

Paul said: “I just thought it was too far to go, and we have so many competitions that I can’t get to them all.

“But once I knew my friend was going, I thought it couldn’t do any harm sending some down with him.”

He added: “Sometimes you have to cook your products for the judges at the events, but I’m not a chef so I often lose points for how they turn out.

“Thankfully, this time someone else cooked them when they got there, so it was all about the quality of the product, and mine came through.”