Review: Yo Sushi, Fenwick Food Court, Newcastle

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SUSHI’S not everyone’s cup of tea.

It seems to be a real opinion divider among my friends.

There are those who, upon suggestion of sushi, recoil in horror - “urghh, it’s raw fish.”

St Sushi - 114 Westgate Road, Newscastle, NE1 4AQ...

St Sushi - 114 Westgate Road, Newscastle, NE1 4AQ...

Then there are those who, smug in their culinary knowledge that not all sushi is fish, love its fresh taste and novelty presentation.

I fall in the latter camp. I love the stuff.

Unfortunately though, there are no sushi restaurants in Sunderland so fellow Echo reporter Marissa Carruthers and I had to travel over the Tyne for our Japanese food fix.

As with most – but not all sushi restaurants – Yo Sushi tables are set around a conveyer belt which passes dishes before your eyes for you to choose.

Meanwhile, at the centre of the restaurant, the sushi chefs prepare the dishes.

If there’s nothing on the belt that takes your fancy you can also order from the menu which is split into sections including rice and noodles, soups and katsu and tempura.

However, if you want to steer clear of raw fish, avoid the sashimi section which features raw salmon and tuna.

I started off with a miso soup for £2. It’s a tasty bean broth with seaweed, tofu and spring onion that’s light enough to leave you plenty of space for sushi time.

Each dish that passes you by is on a coloured plate that indicates its price – ranging from green £1.70 dishes to the more expensive grey dishes at £5.

We started with a simple – but moreish – salmon nigiri each which, on purple plates, are £2.90.

You can choose to jazz your dish up with soy sauce, pickled ginger or, for the braver diners, blow-your-socks-off hot wasabi.

I then went for a sushi staple – the California roll – which consists of crabstick, avocado and mayonnaise.

Next, I moved on to one of the restaurant’s vegetarian options – see I told you it wasn’t all fish – the kaiso salad. A lip smacker of a dish, which consists of sesame marinated Japanese seaweed, edamame (soy beans) and carrot.

Portions are only bite size which leaves you tempted to pick all night, but, be warned, your plates easily stack up and sushi is not a cheap meal.

Our bill for two was about £40.

However, Blue Mondays offer you a vast range of dishes for the blue plate price of £2.30.