Review: Cafe Spice, Douro Terrace, Sunderland

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HIDDEN away on the Douro Terrace one way system, this gem of a restaurant has always been one I have meant to visit but never got round to doing.

 So on Saturday night I made it my mission to go there.

 I live a stone’s throw away so it made a nice change being able to walk to the restaurant instead of having to pack the family into the car.

 When we arrived we were greeted straight away by the staff who found us a great table to accommodate our one-year-old’s buggy. They don’t provide highchairs, which is something to consider if you are visiting with children.

 Inside everything is clean and crisp and the fresh pink rose on the table was a nice touch. The layout obviously remains the same from when this building was a house and I did feel at times like I was sitting in somebody else’s living room.

 After ordering poppadoms and pickles – a must have in our family when we’re eating Indian cuisine – I had a quick browse at the menu.

 I was hoping to find something for my partner John’s five-year-old to eat. She is notoriously picky and I was worried when I couldn’t see any English dishes.

 Luckily the staff came to the rescue and rustled up a huge portion of chicken, chips and salad, which arrived with our starters.

 I opted for sheek kebab and John went for prawns on puri. I’ve got to say he made the best choice.

 His prawns were wrapped in a big pastry parcel which tasted like a chappati and they were covered in a lovely, lightly spiced sauce.

 For main course I decided to try something different and went for Roshuni-Hansh, which was duck in a Bhuna type curry with garlic, green peppers and fresh herbs.

 Unfortunately, it wasn’t for me. I don’t think duck works with curry and I’ll definitely be sticking to chicken, lamb and beef in future.

John went for Shahi lamb and I’ve got to say it was delicious and I cheekily mopped up the sauce with a keema naan.

 His dish also included vegetable pilau and Aloo palak, which was a mix of spicy vegetables.

 Overall I was very impressed with the service but I think I will need to go back again to make my mind up on the food.

 Including a dessert for the little one and our drinks, the bill was £56.75