Your memories of a trip to Derwent Hill

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Ninety two thousand of you can not be wrong.

That’s how many Sunderland Echo readers were reached on social media when we asked you for your memories of Derwent Hill at the start of the week.

Derwent Hill.

Derwent Hill.

For over 50 years children from Sunderland have been going to Derwent Hill outdoor education and training centre to enjoy its facilities.

It is located in the Lake District, near Keswick, and overlooks Derwentwater.

And even though it might be a while since some of you were last there, it seems like you loved it.

We shared 11 photographs of Sunderland youngsters enjoying their time there and asked who could recall their own experiences at Derwent Hill.

Having fun in 1979.

Having fun in 1979.

Peter Lawson recalled: “If my memory serves me right, we had an huge amount of snow fall during the visit, so much, that we were given skiing lessons! A fantastic place, helped to prepare me for my personal journey.”

Paula Barclay agreed and said: “Ah I was there then too and remember the bonus skiing lessons. Happy days!!.”

Joe Ashton was another visitor and said: “Best weeks holiday ive had.”

Anna Maven loved it so much, she wants her children to share the joy. “Went four times with school including doing my weeks work experience there. Been lucky enough to go as an adult on several occasions and can’t wait for my girls to be old enough to go. Best childhood memories made there.”

Joan Lay Johnston told us: “I went November 1980 with St Anthony’s school, my son aged 11 went last year and is going again soon with Broadway juniors.”

Another fan, Ian Storey, said: “Yes, absolutely loved it! Now 67 and will never forget it. Went there several times and did some great walking. Every child should experience this.”

Jill Slasor chipped in with: “Love the place. Went as a child and went a couple of times when I worked for the council to do the Derwent Hill challenge to raise money for underprivileged children to go. Fab memories!”

Darren Broad said: “A truly fantastic place. Amongst many things, I’ll never forget abseiling down a waterfall, 100 foot underground!!!!!”

Diane Eastick still heads there and said: “I went with Pennywell School late 70’s and visit the lake district every year at least once more if we can. Fell in love with the place then and going back in june. Can’t wait!”

Yvonne Little commented: “Went with Commercial road school for 1st time in late 60s and fell in love with it and Keswick. Went on lots of weekend courses canoeing, climbing, skiing. Learnt to ski on Dunfell and High Row. Lots of trips to Glenshee and Aviemore.”

Others to comment included:

Debra Bent: “Yes went in march 1978 best week of my school life! Loved the outdoors but the disco every night was the best!”

Zoe Brown: “Such a good place to go and explore new things. Honestly more valuable then a lot taught in the classroom.”

Tracey Drinkald Cooper loved it so much she “cried when I had to come home lol loved it x.”

Heather Page: “Went with a group of students from Monkwearmouth College in the 70’s when I worked there. Great fun.”

Liz Jenkins: “Yes I was with the first girls group ever to go my surname was Armstrong at the time I attended Thorney secondary school.”

Paul David Barron: “Loved it. I went with Redby School in 1980.”

Alison Dosh: “Went for 13 years to help castletown primary school n loved every minute with 60 children xxx.”

But perhaps the last word should go to Dave Goldsmith whose passion for Derwent Hill shone tbhrough.

He said: “Kids these days go to New York, Italy etc... neither are better than derwent hill!”

Thank you to everyone who were reached on social media - all 92,842 of you. And special thanks to the 200 who commented.

And watch out for more Derwent Hill memories soon.