What are your memories of Woolworths in Sunderland?

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For more than 80 years, Woolworths was part of Sunderland’s retail scene until it was closed on Sunday, May 1.

This week our picture archive shows a number of scenes from the Sunderland store.

Woolworths in Fawcett Street.

Woolworths in Fawcett Street.

Before the sad day the store closed, it had been a treat to spend time in Woolies on a Saturday morning with the week’s pocket money.

Meeting up with friends, travelling on the bus and deciding what we would buy.

Often we only had enough money for a pick ‘n’ mix, but on a good weekend, and possibly with some birthday money, there was a record purchase.

Do you remember buying your first record in Woolworths? What was it?

Woolworths was also the place to buy parents and grandparents their Christmas presents.

Talcum powder and bath salts, and Old Spice aftershave, were some of the items which proved popular purchases when it came to presents.

Did you work at Woolworths?

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