Wearside Echoes: Mystery bridesmaid

Do you know the identity of the tallest bridesmaid?
Do you know the identity of the tallest bridesmaid?
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A WEARSIDE expat is hoping Echo readers may be able to solve a family photo puzzle.

“The picture is of the wedding of my parents, both now deceased, Charles Thomas Bell and Olive Day,” said Vivienne Simmons, who lives in Canada.

“The wedding took place at St Aidan’s Church, Grangetown, on September 2, 1942. I can identify everyone except the tallest bridesmaid.

“I’ve been building my family history for several years, and think it possible that this lady is a relation.

“Unfortunately, those few remaining members of my family who were actually at the wedding cannot recall who she was.”

Among those in the photo are Jean Day, Sheila Morgan, Ailsa Day, Jean Bell, Catherine Hines, Walter New and Vivienne’s grandfather James Day.

“James owned a newsagents shop at 8 Stockton Terrace, Grangetown, from the 1930s until his death in 1962,” she said.

“My parents managed the shop from the mid-40s to the mid-70s. It was sold to Forbuoys when they retired.

“I used to help my parents out in the shop now and then, and sold many Sunderland Echos. Ah, happy days!”

The tallest bridesmaid, pictured standing behind the seated bridesmaid at the left of the photo, is the lady Vivienne would like to know more about.

“I’m just curious and would like to complete the picture puzzle. I’m really hopeful that someone will solve the mystery,” she added.

l Vivienne can be contacted by email at vivienne.simmons@sympatico.ca or at: 47 Overton Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, M3B 2V4, Canada.