Watch: Slideshow of Sunderland area school pictures from yesteryear

Were schools days the best days of your life?

Were schools days the best days of your life?

Thornhill School pupils in 1967.

Thornhill School pupils in 1967.

The new school term has already started and for lots of children this has been their first taste of “proper” school, rather than nursery.

For some children it is the excitement of wearing a school uniform, for some, school dinners and of course making new friends. For some children, the friends they make at school remain their friends all their lives.

Who remembers the first time they learned the magic of reading when the letters became words?

What about walking into the cloakroom to find a peg with your name on it and possibly a photograph of yourself.

Take a look at our photographs, we have printed some of schools that closed their doors years ago. Did you attend any of these schools?

Did you have a favourite teacher or teachers? Did they also teach your favourite subject?

From junior school little ones would move onto senior school. For some children this was an even bigger change.

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