Was this where you spent your 1970s school holidays?

Having so much fun at the Murton pit pool in 1977.
Having so much fun at the Murton pit pool in 1977.
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It was the pool where you had to swim or freeze, said Sunderland Echo readers.

But you must have loved it because our photograph on social media reached an audience of more than 37,000 people.

Murton Colliery in 1991.

Murton Colliery in 1991.

We are talking about Murton pit pool and a photograph of it showing the pit wheel in the background.

Paul Levitt said they were “Happy days”, while Kevin Loftus commented: “My Grandad took me there when I was about 7 or 8. It was heated water. My Grandad worked at Murton Pit all his life.”

Our thanks also go to Ian Gleghorn who said he worked there for a couple of summers, and added: “Excellent pool.”

Paula Lowther was another big fan and said: “We went every day and all day in school holidays. Our dad worked at Murton pit all his working life.”

Swam there every day in school holidays and every weekend. Water was always lovely and warm

Lesley Steabler

Margaret Bunts was a swimming pool regular and said: “Spent all my school holidays there and every weekend.”

Susan Mulinda described them as “awesome times”, and Bev Gilbraith agreed.

Leona Fairhurst said she remembered “going with my nana loads”.

Joy Hull said: “Spent many a great day there x.” While Jacky Hatton said: “You had to swim or freeze.”

Melanie Lowes remembered late night swims, while Colin Branthwaite recalled going there although he was more of a “regular at Dawdon Pit pond”.

Michelle Louise Green said it was where she learned to swim, while Jill Meddes Brown reminisced: “Loved it. Best school holidays spent there. Was Olympic size pool too. Shame it got filled in.”

Jamie Priestley asked: “Sure I did canoeing in that? Was there one at Seaham as well?”

And Margaret Osman came up with an answer when she said: “Yes at Dawdon.”

Brian Lee Thompson said: “Fantastic place with years of great memories growing up in the 1980s.”

We are also indebted to Wendy Galley who commented: “Amazing times at Murton baths.

“No kids on the streets back then ... we were at the bath.”

Lisa Quinn recalled: “Walking across the pit line from South Hetton wi my Dad as a kid. X”

And Ashley Berry said: “Remember swimming here when I was a kid ha xx.”

Graham Smith was another with late-night memories of it, while Lesley Steabler certainly didn’t have memories of freezing in the pit pool.

Lesley said: “Swam there every day in school holidays and every weekend. Water was always lovely and warm.”

Paula Bloem said: “Was a walk but so worth it,” and added: “the summers when we were little were gorg ... and hot.”

Thanks also to Karen Brown Winter who said: “Happy days, spent the 6 weeks summer hols there with good friends. Weather was always red hot. Loved it.”

And still the comments kept on coming.

Jacqueline Campion Tumelty said: “Wonderful days, cold but fun.”

There seemed to be differences of opinion on whether it was freezing or not.

Ian Gleghorn said: “It was heated from the pit. Was very warm all weathers.”

But Angela Clark said: “Was freezing” and Sandra Kelly Clark agreed, but added: “Loved it though.”

Wayne Simpson said: “Happy days”, while Dave Emmerson described them as “great memories”, and Amy Bulmer simply commented: “Wow.”

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So did Ann Carver, Alan Ramsey, Shaun Robinson, Stan Carr, Andrew Carruthers, Chris Stavers, Maureen Honeybell, Yakubu Shaaibu Taura and Lewis Smith.

We thank everyone who responded. Do you have more pit pool memories to share with us? Were you a regular at Murton pit pool, or perhaps you worked at the pit itself.

Did you work at another colliery and what are your memories of that? Email chris.cordner@jpress.co.uk