Was this the most exhausting day ever for Sunderland fans

The photograph that prompted a massive response from Sunderland fans.
The photograph that prompted a massive response from Sunderland fans.
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We all know how it finished.

After a thrilling 4-4 draw, the 1998 play-off final - for a place in the Premier League - was won on penalties by Charlton.

You sang yourself hoarse on a day of memories.

You sang yourself hoarse on a day of memories.

But we wanted to know what the behind-the-scenes occasion was like for Black Cats fans.

Some of you, who responded on social media, told us that you still can’t watch the footage of that fateful day. And just as many of you reminded us that Sunderland stormed to the title the next season.

But back to that day at Wembley and Dave O’Hara told us: “Was there with me mates. It was the most mental game of football i’ve ever been to. We just missed promotion, but didn’t mess about the next season. Great days under Reidy.”

Paul Bewick said: “Fourth time I’d been to see the Lads at Wembley. First time I’d seen us score a goal at Wembley. Then to score 4 and loose! Unbelievable. A day in the life of a Sunderland supporter.”

What a day that was even loved the bus journeys and still singing as loud on way home, it doesn’t matter what the final score said there were no losers that day

Claire Redman

Trevor Petterson told us: “3 generations of us were there. Mad day out - we should of had it won - but that’s sunderland for you.”

Joe Ashton recalled: “Class memories that weekend. 15 of us squashed in the back of a luton van down to london. Sweat bucket on wheels. Atmoshphere outside wembley was class we outnumbered charlton 10 to 1 red n white all owa the place.”

Rob Harding had extra special reason to remember it. “Flew in from Saudi to watch this.....what a rollercoaster of a game, fantastic to experience Sunderland fans at Wembley, had no voice after and was so disappointed with the final outcome....but what a season afterwards to make up for it....!!!.”

Joy Hamilton admitted: “my only trip to wembley. fell in love with Niall Quinn that day. He was brilliant.”

And your responses kept pouring in.

Anthony Fletcher: “Yep, although we lost it was the best game I’ve ever seen...”

Michael Jordan: “ Yes I was in the Olympic gallery noisiest game I’ve ever been to ( might have been where I was watching it from ) had to take parecetimols at half time my head was splitting, great game shame about the result.”

Ian Hutchinson: “Best/worst game ever...no one seen that coming...happy to have been to a game etched in Wembley folklore...ha’way the lads...”

Wayne Davison: “class weekend apart from the result in london and watching the lads in the old wembley to this day i still can’t bring myself to watch the highlights/goals.”

Pete Bogg: “Great game, thrills and spills - just very sad ending. I must have been in bits, bloke nect to me said next year son - boy was he right. Probably a blessing in the end but what a team.”

Alan Stephenson: “Little lad in front of me at the end crying his eyes out grandad turned to him son you have another 70 years of this more crying.”

Ian Fowler: “I was exhausted after this match. But what a game of football. Had everything, including a hat trick for a Sunderland born footballer. Unfortunately he was playing for Charlton.”

John G Hellens: “Yes I was there with my son, wife and daughter sat outside. I drove to Wembley in a red car with the sunderland badge in white on the bonnet. What a game. The highs and lows of being a Sunderland supporter.”

Claire Redman: “What a day that was even loved the bus journeys and still singing as loud on way home, it doesn’t matter what the final score said there were no losers that day.”

Chris Nuttall: “Best game I’ve ever been to n a certain Mackem named Clive called the shots all 3 of them! Jus not in a gold shirt! Old Wembley at its magical best!”

Simon Teasdale: “In Germany one of the best games of football I have ever watched.”

Ross Lowrie: “I was about 8 rows from the front behind the goal, think I was 11 at the time! What was Lionel doing coming for that ball????.”

Paul Rafferty: “Sure was what a roller coaster of a game couldn’t believe we got beat in the end.”

Paul Schakel: “Down for the weekend with family what a game mentally exhausted shame about score!”

Chris Lindsay: “Wife was in labour! Listened to it on the radio.”

Phil Jones: “Wrong result but one of the greatest experiences of my life, a real roller coaster of emotions that day.”

Jack Bamling: “We were also there,had a mini bus from q hill club about twelve of us fantastic day apart from the result.”

Billy Wright: “Physically & emotionally wrecked at the end of the game, god knows how the players felt.”

Jackie Thompson: “Yes me and my husband,remember coach leaving Wembley and super kev still ringing in our ears.”

Trevor Longstaff: “Was there too. Never been so depressed. Never watched it on video and don’t intend to.”

Frank Kane Jnr: “yes and now hav a dvd of it although hav not watched it again! best play off final ever even tho we lost.”

Lee Adams: “Never have I been through emotions like it. Not even on derby day.”

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