Three more Roker cup stars on side-lines

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THREE more of Sunderland’s Cup Final heroes have to stand down from action tonight as Sunderland continue to work off their arrears of League fixtures with a visit to Nottingham Forest at the City Ground. Dave Watson and Richie Pitt, who have missed the last two games, are joined on the side lines by Billy Hughes, Vic Halom and Ian Porterfield.

All three were injured in yesterday’s win over Cardiff City and they could well have been joined by Dick Malone, who was rated a doubtful starter last night, but was cleared when he reported to Roker Park this morning.

Porterfield, who was taken out of the game in the 67th minute, went to hospital for examination and treatment for a bruised big toe, Halom has a slightly strained hamstring in this left leg, and Hughes received another kick on the Archilles tendon which kept him out of the game against Burnley a week ago.

On the credit side, Mike Horswill returns after competing his two-match suspension and Ron Guthrie is able to resume at left back after recovering from a stomach upset.

Watson and Pitt will be reporting tomorrow and Mr Stokoe says: “I’m hoping that they will be able to get back into training. I think that there is a good chance that both will be fit enough to get in a game over the weekend.”

Tonight’s line-up, which embraces six of the Cup side, will be: Montgomery; Malone, Guthrie; Horswill, Ashurst (or Tones), Young; Kerr, McGiven, Lathan, Chambers, Tueart. Substitute Bolton.

A cloudburst over the City Ground last night led to the postponement of a reserve game. But Forest officials are confident that there is no threat to tonight’s game. Ground staff were working throughout, forking away surface water and in the morning forking away surface water and though there is the certainty that the pitch will be extremely heavy, it looks like being playable.

Martin in squad

Forest choose from 15. Included are Doug Fraser and former Sunderland and Scotland striker Neil Martin, dropped in manager Dave’s Mackay’s reshuffle six weeks ago.

Nottingham Forest from: Barron, Hindley, Fraser, Winfield, Cottam, Serella, Robertson, O’Neill, Lyall, Dennehey, McKenzie, Martin, McIntosh, Buckley, Baines.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on April 24 1973.