They had the Jolly-est of times in 1980 in Sunderland

The Round Robin pub, Hylton Road, Sunderland.
The Round Robin pub, Hylton Road, Sunderland.
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They were a jolly lot in 1980.

And here are the smiling faces to prove it.

The Round Robin Jolly Girls sponsored pub crawl.

The Round Robin Jolly Girls sponsored pub crawl.

Meet the Jolly Girls from the Round Robin pub in Sunderland who were pictured posing for an Echo photographer in 1980.

The reason was they were raising money on a sponsored pub crawl and we asked the public more about it when we posted a photograph on social media.

What a response we got with nearly 30,000 people reached.

And as one of them, Glynis Taggart, put it: “Class that,good old days xxx.”

The lasses were doing a charity pub crawl down the East End to raise money for a little girl who was losing her sight to send her to Russia for treatment xx

Rachel Dell Owens

She was not alone in responding to our request for more information. Dozens of you took time to post your comments on social media.

Rachel Dell Owens filled in some of the blanks and said: “The lasses were doing a charity pub crawl down the East End to raise money for a little girl who was losing her sight to send her to Russia for treatment xx.”

Deb Howell Smith said: “It’s Ruth, Brenda, Marilyn, Alison, Pam and I haven’t a clue who the other 2 are. Surprised my mother Mary wasn’t on the photo.”

Gary Bartoszewski said: “First job I had was working behind the bar there. Davey Pye (R.I.P) was the gaffer and a great bloke.”

Jacqline Bulmer gets our thanks for filling in some of the names of the people pictured. She said they included Brenda Bulmer, Marilyn, Jacqueline, Allison Owens, Pam Conlin, Ruth Heskett.”

She said she was not sure of the seventh one and we are wondering if anyone else knows the surnames of some of those mentioned.

Pauline Marie Douglas said her mother used to work there while Trace Jefferson simply commented: “Class picture.”

April Place recalled that her mother worked at the Round Robin “many many years ago.”

Gillian Atkinson said she knew six of the seven people pictured while Pauline Scales Smillie commented: “Eee I remember it well ha.”

Sandra Swinney chipped in with: “yes omg thats a blast from the past lol.” And later, she added: “ha ha long time ago x.”

Sueann Fraser contributed to the thread by saying: “OMG my nana Ruth xx.”

As well as those of you who commented on the story, there were plenty of others who liked the post on social media.

They included Jad Ibrahim, Trudie Thompson, Joanne Liddle Ross, Charlie Adams, Susan Taylor, Charlie Fairweather, Paul Crosby, John Thomas Porter, Caroline Barraclough and Ken Morley.

They also included Les Sopp, Deb Mackel, Margaret Turnbull, Christine Waters, Monty Bell, Diane Briggs, Karen Seafield, Caroline Mitchinson Lawther, Bruce M Marshall and Jeanette Eastick.

We thank everyone who took the time to show an interest in the post.

Who else remembers the Jolly Girls and those days in 1980 at the Round Robin pub?

What were your highlights and who do you recall as Round Robin regulars?

Others to like our photograph included Lorraine Hanlon, Paul Williamson, Dorothy Clark, Gary Scollen, Lesley-Anne Fisher Watson, Lee Browell, Pamela Dobbing, Elizabeth Hayden and Paula Cocking.

The photograph is also one of those which will feature in this Saturday’s detailed look at Wearside in 1980.

For more nostalgia from 1980, make sure you get Saturday’s Sunderland Echo for our Retro supplement.

In the meantime, we would like even more people to share their stories of 1980s nostalgia from across Wearside.

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