The city venue where you saw Free and T.Rex

The Bay Hotel.
The Bay Hotel.
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Some of you saw T.Rex, Free and Jethro Tull at this nostalgic venue.

Others got married there and some just had great memories of the fantastic atmosphere.

Couldn’t get enough of the place. Good music, great atmosphere. Saw Free, Jethro Tull and many more

Linda Johnson

We are talking about the Bay Hotel at South Bents which was a definite hit when we posted an old photograph of it on social media.

A fabulous 34,000 of you took a look at the post and 170 of you took the time to share your memories.

Ann Lillie got engaged there in 1966. She added: “We celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary this year, great memories of old Bay Hotel.”

Linda Johnson was another big fan and said: “Couldn’t get enough of the place. Good music, great atmosphere. Saw Free, Jethro Tull and many more. Always a last minute run for the Economic the town at 10.30pm!”

Paul Webster worked there and will always remember it.

“I was The Bay’s final manager. for a couple of years looking after the place until the company sorted out the deal for the land redevelopment to flats as it now is,” he said.

He described the Bay clientele as “a great group of regulars and I have to say they made Sunderland my home town. I’ll never forget my days there. It was sad to be the one to lock the doors for the final time.”

Peter Martin recalled the acts he saw at the Bay. “The Nice for 7/6... Tryrosaurous Rex for the same.”

John Hartford is another to have married there. “Our wedding reception was held at the original Bay Hotel in 1961 and we are still together after 56 years.”

Martin Goldsack worked there and said: “My first job was working as pot-boy in the ballroom in the mid-70s, when Ken Campbell then Ray Hughes were managers.”

Karen Thompson was also employed at the Bay and said: “I worked there for several years, met so so many lovely people, we always had so many staff parties and usually ended up in the sea. Lol happy years. X”

June Wake told us: “I lived behind the Bay - I do remember Jethro Tull playing there in the late 60’s” and June Wintrip said: “Loved the disco nights,went regularly.The lights made your whites glow in the dark.Fabulous nights.This was in the sixties.”

Life was good in the days of the Bay, said Rob Irving. “Remember sitting in that gap just behind the lamppost on a scorching Saturday afternoon,what a sun trap, beautiful pint, beautiful weather , perfect!”

Sheila O’Leary Redden said: “Used to go to disco in the flower power era. Great nights. The strobe lights on psychodelic clothes was amazing.”

Lynda Isherwood Guy recalled: “Going to see groups such as Free and Jethro Tull....also good disco evenings.....then if we had the dosh would get the economic bus to Barclay Court...great memories.”

Brian Robbie remembered: “I met my future wife in the revolving door of the Bay in 1965.

Joe Gibson was another music fan to respond. “Saw some legendary bands there Free , Family, Jethro Tull amongst many others.”

Val Morrell said: “Woolworths used to have annual dances at the bay hotel” while Kath Rooney told us: “Sunday night they had some great bands all for a few shillings in the sixties.”

Marc Robson adored going to the Bay Hotel during one particular annual Sunderland favourite. “Sitting outside having a beer in the sun watching the air show back in the mid 90’s . Took ages to get served !”

Ann Hughes said: “It was at the bottom of my road,Eskdale Road.From the 1960’s till it closed I was a regular visitor.”

And Dawn Chapman told us: “I had my wedding reception there it was a beautiful day with wonderful service.”

Lynda Isherwood Guy had fond memories of it and would love to find a friend she has not seen for 46 years.

She said: “Me and my bessy mate Pat Ingram went here as teenagers....would love to know if she’s ok and on FB haven’t seen her since 1971....”

Can anyone help?

Email and share even more of your recollections.