Tasty memories of the Melting Pot and flowery shirts and pencil skirts at Sgt Peppers

Maritime Terrace going into Blandford Street in 1981.
Maritime Terrace going into Blandford Street in 1981.
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It’s like it was taken yesterday! This photograph may be 36 years old, but dozens of you still remembered your favourite 1980s shops in Blandford Street.

The Sunderland shopping area struck such a chord with Echo readers and in particular, one eating spot.

Another 1981 view of the street.

Another 1981 view of the street.

The Melting Pot restaurant was a definite hit, especially with Karen Bain, who said: “Melting Pot - my first taste of curry.”

At the time, she was working on Saturdays in Meltona fabrics curtain shop, and said: “When ready made were all the rage.”

Beverley Draper “loved the Melting Pot” and added: “Think everyone went there after a night out. OMG the good old days xx.”

Allen Laidler told us: “Used to go to the Melting Pot for our lunch when I was at college... was lovely.”

When the shops in Blandford St were varied. Jeweller’s,furniture, a chemist, decorating shops, iron ware, record shops and boutiques

Ken Phillips

Jean Readshaw Canning said: “Tasted my first-ever Indian meal there, korma I think. Very daring :).”

Ron Kearney said the popular venue was “always a good feed after a few beers”, while Helen Robinson chipped in with “I loved the Melting Pot x.”

Trevor Evans reminisced: “I remember going to the Melting Pot back in the day #pipinghot.”

Diane Gray was another Melting Pot fan, and said: “I worked in Goodwins jewellers when I left school, couple of doors down from Suzanne’s baby shop.”

The street in 1959.

The street in 1959.

But it was not the only Blandford Street shop you recognised in this 1981 photograph.

Lisa Patterson said: “Bronx shoe shop on the corner with the spiral staircase. Got my first pair of Kickers there. Mam nearly had a fit at the price, lol.”

Ken Phillips said: “When the shops in Blandford St were varied. Jeweller’s,furniture, a chemist, decorating shops, ironware, record shops and boutiques.”

Another favourite was Sgt Peppers, and plenty of you wanted to reminisce about it.

Caroline McAllister “loved that shop”, adding: “Jeans, flowery shirts, pencil skirts - every pay day I was there.”

Val Hughes said she used to go shopping at Sgt Peppers after she got paid on a Friday, adding: “Straight in there after work.”

Joanne Perry Loved told us: “Sgt Peppers, but I could only afford it when they had a sale on!”

Lesley Madden recalled: “Geordie Jeans and Robert Anthony jewellers in Blandford Street ... used to enjoy shopping in Sunderland ... not any more.”

Angie Buxton told: “Sgt Peppers, I worked at N Hyer, where we made jeans for them and I loved them. Bergs record shop too.”

Julie Newport was another customer and said: “Loved Sgt Peppers. Mint coloured three-quarter and bright yellow blouse, lush.”

Alison Williams remembered “buying a bright orange suit. Thought I was the bee’s knees, lol. xx”

Another of the shops in the photograph was the men’s clothing store Greenwoods, and Pat Ross said: “My dad used to shop at Greenwoods.”

Thanks also to Bert Mann who said: “Brechners 1967. Jeans10/-6d. There was a very small arcade next to the fire station Levi/wrangler jeans £3-0-0d.”

Eileen Temple told us: “Best shop in Maritime Place was Kennedys when it moved from High Street. Not in this photograph though.”

Judith Moffatt said; “Sgt Peppers best shop ever 1976/7,” and Jimmy Malkin was another fan. He said: “Sgt Peppers, luminous red and green trousers, 1980,”

Fiona Ollett contributed to the thread with “Chelsea Girl,” while Alan Marley said: “Brechners.”

Rob Shields remembered: “99p LPs from Bergs”, and Eileen Robinson said she bought a lot of records there.

Scotty Lumsdon recalled Geordie Jeans and Josephs, and Ann Stokoe said: “Def Sgt Peppers.”

There were even more Sgt Peppers fans, including Pamela Jackson, Alison Markides Weikel, Hilary Bell and Joan McGuinness.

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