Tasty memories of Blueberries in Sunderland

Blueberries, pictured in 1987.
Blueberries, pictured in 1987.
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What a great range of memories you had of this Holmeside favourite.

We asked for your recollections of Blueberries and we certainly got a strong response with more than 14,000 of you following the post.

The bar in 1992.

The bar in 1992.

We shared a photograph on social media and asked: “Who loved a visit to Blueberies?”

Loads of you, it seemed.

We got plenty of likes, including from Paul Bewick, Anthony Watson, Alli Henderson, Arran Aza Fletcher, Lyndsey Hamilton, Justin Jacka Jackson, Amanda Waters and Sharon Weller.

And lots of you left comments including Che Thornton, who told us: “Worked there in the early 90s. I even put a few tunes on downstairs on a Sunday night.”

Forgot all about this place. Remember watching England thrash Germany 5-1

Bill Walton

Che described it as a “top pub. Some Sunderland legends worked in there then as well”.

Paula Marshall commented: “Blueberries basement on a Friday night.”

For Bob Jackson, music was foremost in his memories.

“Saw my first live band in The Basement downstairs, a band called The Tortoise Heads.”

And for Bill Walton, our social media posting was a welcome trip down memory lane, including one of a famous night in the England football team’s past.

“Forgot all about this place,” he said. “Remember watching England thrash Germany 5-1.”

Pam Todd had particular praise for one person. She said: “Geoff Moon was a fabulous host who put on some terrific bands.”

Plenty of others loved Blueberries too.

They included comments from the following;

Kay Golphin: “This brings back memories. Once we’d been in here we went to Gillespies then boulevard, then onto Idol’s.”

Julie Dixon: “This brings back memories for me and hubby we loved this place. Xx.”

Jane Mackintosh said: “Loved Sunday nights in there for last orders.”

Tracy Joyce said she “used to work there in the late 80s x”.

Michael Parkin recalled: “Down in the basement. Live bands.”

Others to like the story included Eddie Hutchinson, Bryan Finnigan, Stephen Wilson and Diana Lamb.

And so did John Teasdale, Lisa Minnie Wilkinson, Tracey Thompson, Gayle Carr, Deborah Collinson, Jude Pell, Deb Liddle, Graeme Collinson, Michael Thwaites and Eric Pointon.

John Pullan remembered: “Great live music on Friday nights.”

Samantha Clarke went even further with her praise. She said: “Was my favourite place 1988/89.”

Marie Wake commented: “My one and only bar job and loved it x.”

And Sharon Summerside said: “Some great memories from here.”

Tracey Stewart said it was a great pub while Lisa Patterson was full of praise. “My favourite pub ever loved it,” she told us.

Peter Shippey commented: “Great memories. Used to love Mozarts Bentleys Gillespies Marlows etc.”

And Kate Shippey said: “Wow ... blast from the past!! xx”, adding: “I loved Mozarts!!!!”

Allison Swainston said: “My first memory was the plastic raincoat night in there.Why I really don’t know.Happy days!!”

More who liked the post on social media included Claire Douglas, Julie McLean, Ian Wanless, Lisa M Wilkinson, Stewart Francis and Pam Todd.

Others included Susan Jones, Lee Young, Jan Lawson, Lucy Banwell, Stuart Cleminson, Rebecca Boyd, Victoria Roffe, Jason Dodd and Claire Batey Hanson.

Thanks to everyone who got involved and we would love to hear from more people who would like to share their memories of pubs from a bygone era.

Or perhaps there is another aspect of Sunderland’s history you would like us to take a look at.

Maybe you would like to share details of your family tree or would like to reflect on a big event in Wearside history.

Get in touch and tell us more.

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