Sunderland agree to transfer Chambers to Arsenal

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SUNDERLAND have agreed terms for the transfer to Arsenal of their 22-year-old midfield player, Brian Chambers, who has been open to transfer since an independent tribunal gave a ruling on his contract dispute with the club, writes ARGUS.

Arsenal are prepared to pay the £25,000 fee set by the tribunal and negotiations for the transfer will be carried further on Monday, when Chambers is due to go down to Highbury for talks.

Three months ago Arsenal took Richie Pitt and Keith Coleman on a month’s loan, but both made only one appearance for Arsenal Reserves before Pitt was recalled to meet a Sunderland first team emergency and Coleman received a severe shoulder injury.

Pitt is now an established first team player, but Coleman’s ill-luck has persisted for he has been in plaster with knee ligament injuries for five weeks and was due to have a plaster removed today.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on April 27 1973.