Sunderland 3 Huddersfield Town 0

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Stokoe’s men say thanks

CELEBRATIONS which started after Sunderland had won their way into the FA Cup Final at Wembley by beating Arsenal at Hillsborough on Saturday were continued at Roker Park last night, when the full Cup side received a tumultuous reception from the 32,251 crowd and repaid their welcome by turning on a brilliant display to crush Huddersfield 3-0.

Huddersfield, anxious about their position in the lower reaches of the safety battle, were plunged nearer to the Third Division by a Sunderland opening which would have been a credit to the highest class of football. And Huddersfield could be thankful that they did not have to pay a higher price than two goals by Billy Hughes, later to be extended to a memorable “hat-trick.”

It was Town’s bad luck to be on the chopping block on such a night and gloom deepened for them when their man Pugh was ordered off after kicking Vic Halom and then arguing with the referee.

Three goals was only mode reward for attacking skills which Sunderland displayed, but they were enough to keep a success-happy crowd in high spirits. And to make up for the restrictions in the scoring line there was the late thrill of seeing Jimmy Montgomery display his uncanny skill by saving a penalty kick.

Trouble stated early for Huddersfield, because in three minutes Smith S was booked for making a violent protest after the referee refused to uphold what appeared to be a reasonable claim for a penalty.

Within a minute they were trailing to a magnificent goal. Halom, receiving from Guthrie, moved through on the left wing before laying the ball back to Porterfield. A crossfield pass followed and Hughes, controlling it perfectly, moved smartly on the outside of Hutt to crack home a fierce right foot shot.

Smith S was lectured again for a foul on Porterfield and from the free-kick Porterfield sent in a powerful shot which brought a fine save from Poole. Then a down-the-wing pass by Malone was hammered across the goal for Halom to hit a drive which had Poole covering up desperately after the ball had rebounded from his body.

The Huddersfield defence was cracked again in the ninth minute, when Tueart broke on the left and from his backward pass Guthrie sent the ball into the middle where Hughes again showed brilliant control before slamming home a left-foot shot.

In the next minute Tueart was injured between two defenders in gaining a corner and when Kerr played the kick back for Malone to make a first-time centre, Tueart’s header hit the bar.

It seemed that Tueart’s persistence had been rewarded when he beat Poole with a remarkable shot after a Hughes cross had been touched on by Halom but he was ruled offside.

There were lectures for Smith (S) and Horswill after a foul and retaliation and shortly afterwards the referee consulted a linesman before speaking to Lyon and Halom.

Tueart was brought down by Hutt at the edge of the penalty area when going clear, Lyon received a few sharp words from the referee for another foul on Halom, and then came the climax when Pugh was ordered off. The fact that Pugh had kicked Halom was confirmed by a linesman but it could well be that Pugh’s dismissal was for the terms in which he showed dissent rather than for the offence itself.

Luck stayed with Huddersfield in the early stages of the second half, with Halom just failing to time his shot from a looping cross by Kerr and then seeing another shot deflected against a post by a defender. Kerr played his part, too, with a break from midfield, only to shoot wide from the edge of the penalty area.

The scoring break was not long-delayed, however, and it came in the 61st minute, when Pitt sent a long ball out to the right. Halom played the ball though a tackle and when he cut in for goals along the line there was a rush to bar his progress. He timed his low drive across the goalmouth well and Hughes, unmarked at the far post, had the simple task of pushing the ball into an empty net.

Horswill, who had lived dangerously despite sharp words from the referee, was finally booked for a foul on Smith (S) in the 69th minute and before play was resumed with a free kick to Town, Manager Bob Stokoe called off Horswill and sent Chambers on as substitute.

Montgomery was pressed into his best save of the night, when Gowling headed in from a Hoy cross and when town came back again in the 88th minute Hoy hit a powerful shot from 25 yards and the ball stuck Watson on the arm. Even Huddersfield were astonished when the referee awarded a penalty.

Gowling stepped up to take the kick and struck it well enough to Montgomery’s right, but the goalkeeper dived across to make a magnificent save, turning the ball against the post, from where it was booted clear.

Then in the last minute Poole made a greater save from a Tueart header following a Kerr corner.

Sunderland: Montgomery, Malone, Guthrie, Horswill (Chambers), Watson, Pitt, Kerr, Hughes, Halom, Porterfield and Tueart.

Huddersfield Town: Poole, Smith D, Hutt, Smith S, Lyon, Saunders, Hoy, Pugh, Gowling, Summerhill and Lawson.

Referee: Mr W B Johnson of Kendal.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on April 11 1973.